Clash of Clans – Best Tips and Tricks About Offensive and Defensive Strategies

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Clash of Clans – Everything you need to know about offensive and defensive strategies

One of the best games that Supercell created is Clash of Clans and it’s a game that gets new players everyday. It is true that some players are leaving too, but the number of those who join this game is higher than the number of those who quit playing it. Today, we’re going to tell you about the basics of “Clash of Clans”, to help new players understand this game better.

Clash of Clans Basics

Clash of Clans is a strategy type of game, so if you don’t like this kind of game, we suggest you to not even bother install it. However, if you are a strategy type of gamer, you will love this game and you will become pretty much addicted to it. In Clash of Clans you will have to defend your village and raid other villages. To do this, you must construct and upgrade buildings, train troops and farm resources.

To get used to the game play, we suggest you to firstly do some campaign missions, instead of attacking other players. Also, keep in mind that after you join the game, you will have a 72 hour shield that will protect your village against other players. This shield will be *LOST* in case you attack other players, so instead of attacking other players, in the first 3 days you should farm resources from the campaign missions and construct/upgrade buildings inside your village.

Clash of Clans Troops

In Clash of Clans you have a few kinds of troops. These are: Heroes, Dark Elixir Troops and other 3 Tier of Troops.

1. Heroes

There are two heroes in Clash of Clans: Barbarian King and Archer Queen. They are immortal, but in case they are defeated in raids, they will require some time to regenerate.

2. Dark Elixir Troops

The troops that can be trainer by using Dark Elixir are: Golems, Minions, Witches, Hog Riders, Valkyries.

3. Tier 1

Tier 1 army is formed by: Barbarians, Goblins and Archers. These troops are powerful, but at the same time they are vulnerable to Mortars and Towers.

Tier 2 army is formed by:  Balloons, Wizards, Giants and Wall Breakers. Wall breakers will rush on destroying the walls of the village you are raiding, while Balloons have a group of “wall breakers” that are in a balloon and drop bombs from it. Tier 2 troops are more powerful than Tier 1 troops but weaker than Tier 3 Troops.

Tier 3 army is formed by: P.E.K.K.A’s, Healers and Dragons. P.E.K.K.A’s are some full armored creatures, while Healers are some female angel troops who will heal your army. While Tier 3 has the most expensive troops, it comes with powerful attacks and heals that will help you crush your enemies.

Defending your village

There are many types of buildings that are used to defend your village. These are: archer towers, cannons, wizard towers, mortars, air defense, traps and more. When you rebuild your Clan Castle and join a Clan, the members can send troops to your Clan Castle that will help you defend your village when you are being attacked.

Clan Wars

After you join a Clan, you will start enjoying the game even more. This is when the fun begins and where you will have to communicate with your Clan members in order to destroy the other Clan you are fighting with. Winning a Clan War will bring a lot of resources to all the Clan members.


3We know that not many players want to purchase Gems with real money. However, those who want to buy some in order to advance in the game faster, they should do it. There are a lot of complains when it comes to games, where players can advance faster by using real money and these games are called “pay to win”. Even if Clash of Clans is being called a “pay to win” game, there are still a lot of players who play it without investing a penny.

However, if you don’t plan on spending real money in Clash of Clans, we suggest you to keep your Gems for constructing Builder Huts. These buildings can be constructed only with Gems, and you need them because each building brings you one builder, which will construct and upgrade your buildings. For example if you have 2 builders, you can construct/upgrade two buildings at a time, while having 3 builders you can construct/upgrade up to three buildings at a time, etc. However, keep in mind that you can’t have more then 5 builders.

The first builder is free, the second one will cost you 250 gems, the third one 500 gems, the forth one 1000 and the fifth one 2000 gems.

Getting free gems

You can get free gems by completing some achievements or by “cleaning” your village of rocks, trees and bushes.

Constantly changing your village layout

Every player has his own style of defending its village. You should try to make your own village layout and to do a perfect one you will have to change it constantly. Look at the defense log when you login in order to see where your village is weak and try new layouts that can make it stronger. To move buildings around in Clash of Clans costs you nothing, so you can do this whenever you want.

Farming in Clash of Clans

Farming in Clash of Clans is one of the things you will do the most. No matter if you farm for resources of trophies, you will need to use some kind of strategy. When you have a low level Town Hall, you will most likely destroy villages without any strategy by just deploying a bunch of troops to the village you are raiding. While getting your Town Hall to higher levels, you will notice that mass troops will not do the trick anymore. You can read about some attacking strategies depending on your Town Hall levels here.

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