Half Life 3 – Another No Show on Gamescom

It is no secret that gaming fans expected the titles which gave E3 a miss, earlier this year, would be announced on other gaming expos, throughout the rest of the year.

However, there are some titles which skipped Gamescom, the next big thing, too. Of these titles, Half Life 3 was perhaps the most anticipated one. This is one game that simply refuses to die. Fans won’t let it fade away into oblivion, while developers Valve, don’t want to talk about it. So where does that leave us? Nowhere good, we presume. Recently, at an event, it seemed that Valve accidentally announced Half Life 3. They did not go back on clearing it, and also did not offer any more information, fueling feverish rumors all around.

Gamescom No Show – Is it Surprising?

It is no surprise that another Gamescom has come and gone, and there is still no news of Half Life 3. The game, which has taken a non-existent status, is showing no signs of revival, and its creators Valve, are also not showing any signs of reviving it. Half Life 3 has failed to emerge time and again, and now it seems that the game is completely dead, but for the small slip up from Valve, which indicates that the game may still not be completely dead.

How Do Fans Feel?

For the longest time, fans of Half Life 3 did not want to believe that the franchise was dead. In fact, till today they continue to churn rumors and try to find any possible hints of the game’s development. Though Valve has continued to stay tight lipped about the situation and has decided that it would not discuss the game on any platform, fans continue to anticipate the game at every major event. In fact, they keep hoping for an announcement any day now. There is an absurd level of traffic to any rumor about the game on the internet.

The Death of Half Life

It has been almost a decade since Half Life 2 was released. In fact, Half Life 2 also took almost 5 years in the making. The development was long drawn;, but definitely worth the effort, because it went on to sell 12 million copies. The game was an instant hit and went on to spawn several sequels. These episodes were created by different developers and Half Life 3, which fell to the share of Valve, was never made. Though Half Life 3 was expected to be one of the episodes, it never really happened, in reality.

Gamescom and Valve

At Gamescom this year, Valve took the center stage and there was a lot going on. Valve gave out details of the new Source 2 Engine that it has developed, for its games on the next gen consoles. It talked about a lot of its other titles, but failed to give any information on Half Life 3, almost cementing the belief that the title is gone for good. So much so, that various bloggers and gaming enthusiasts have started to offer self made tributes to the game and are saying their final goodbyes to it.

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