Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Private Military Is the Next Big Threat

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“When we grouped together in 2011 to discuss the plot for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, we were literally in the dark.

After having made plenty of games based on Afghanistan, Iraq and Russia, it was a tough decision to make. That is when the military experts, futuristic weapon designers and a Pentagon rep came to our rescue,” says the team at Sledgehammer games.

Working with Pentagon

The USA believes that there’s threat lurking everywhere. Post 9/11, almost all Call of Duty titles focused on this topic that made it a phenomenal hit. The game had plenty of explosions, lots of action packed missions and a storyline that is really hard to believe but fun to play. In their developer team, the core people at Sledgehammer games talked about their experience working with military personnel. They added that it was the representative from Pentagon who helped them finalize the private military issue.

“We were talking a lot about the game. We brought in futurologists, military people, decision makers and people who were aware of the future. The scenario planner from the department of Defense in Pentagon came to our rescue. His only job is to think what could be the future threats for US and be prepared for the conflicts of tomorrow. It was during the meet that many possible options were ruled out. China went out of the scene because it was too big to sustain for 50 years and would most probably collapse under its own economic weight. Russia’s cold war and emergent Islamic extremists went out of the picture as well because the timeline is high but the advisor predicted that the next big threat to USA as well as the world could come from a private military organization,” said Sledgehammer games.

Outsourcing War

The concept sounds extremely ridiculous but things have already started taking place. USA was blamed for outsourcing their war jobs to private military corporations. One of them is Blackwater which is a controversial US company that managed to bag a contract that was worth millions of dollars. They were hired to provide better security to the country people. Its founder was Erik Prince who was part of the controversy and if we go by the trailer of COD Advanced Warfare which shows Kevin Spacey, we can’t stop comparing him with Prince in many scenarios.

It looks like Sledgehammer was strongly inspired by this real life character that made them hire Spacey to do the role. But when war is outsourced everything right from latest weapons and technology land in the hands of a PMC that was solely created to make profit. They are meant to love wars so that they could keep earning more and it puts a whole lot of power in the hands of a third party.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has been in the making for three years and from these developer interviews, we have every reason to believe that the game has one of the best single player campaigns since the time of Modern Warfare.

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