Clash Of Clans Top Tactics and Best Ways To Get Free Gems

Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games on mobile phones and today we’re going to give you some strategy tactics and tell you how to get some free Gems in the game.

Do not upgrade your Town Hall very fast

Even if the Town Hall unlocks some new buildings and troops that doesn’t mean it is good to upgrade it very fast. There are a few reasons why you don’t want to upgrade a Town Hall before you don’t max other buildings. The main reason why you don’t want to do this is because when you attack other villages, you will get bonus resources in case they have the Town Hall higher then yours. If the Town Hall is 2 levels higher than yours, you will get 125% more loot and if it’s 3 levels or above, you will get 150% more loot.

Doing Burst Damage

Instead of doing weak attacks by sending a few troops at a time, send a bunch of them to get the village destroyed fast. The reason you want to send a lot of troops at a time instead of sending little groups is because one troop will always take damage for the rest of your troops. When the troop dies, the defensive building will go for the next target and so on. Meanwhile, all the rest of your troops will most likely destroy the village fast. However, when the village is being defended by a Mortar, you will want to send a few groups at the same time, but in different areas. You do this because Mortars deal area of effect damage (AOE) and if all the troops are in one place all of them will die very fast.

Queue troops while raiding

After your army camps are full with troops, you can also queue more troops in order to not waste time while raiding. You want to do this because as soon as you deploy troops in a village, the queued troops will start training, because the army camps are getting empty.

Getting a Shield

When you are not logged in Clash of Clans, your village is vulnerable to attacks. You can buy a shield with Gems so that you can protect your village. However, there is another way if you don’t want to spend Gems on shields in Clash of Clans. You can simply place your Town Hall in a vulnerable spot in your village, preferably somewhere outside the walls. This will “lure” the players that are farming Trophies to destroy the Town Hall while leaving the rest of village intact.

Saving Gems

Most of the players in Clash of Clans don’t spend real money in the game. If you are one of those players, then you don’t want to spend Gems on useless things, such as speeding up the training time of your troops or constructing buildings. You will use the free gems to get yourself Builder Huts. Also there are a few ways to get Free Gems, such as completing specific achievements that reward you with Gems.

More ways to get Free Gems

You can also get some free Gems by removing logs, rocks and trees from your village. It will cost you either elixir or gold to remove them and if you are lucky, you will get a small amount of Gems when you remove one of those things. You may see over the internet some “hacks” that you can use in order to get free gems, but we suggest you to just ignore them because they either don’t work or if they do, you will most likely will be caught and be banned.

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