Candy Crush Saga – The Wait Is Now Over

An Overview

Candy Crush Saga was launched in the mobile gaming market with the intent to provide wholesome entertainment to the users.

This game quickly became numero uno in the Android, iOS, and Facebook at the same time. This game can be downloaded to the mobile phones without any charge. This factor itself instigates the users to give a shot to this game. This game was brought to the market about a year ago and since then it has been a bummer to the mobile gaming industry. This game is highly addictive as the challenges with each stage keep becoming difficult and this attaches the users even more to this game.

The Usability

This game makes the users wait if they fail to clear the levels in 5 lives. This means that post 5 failure knocks played by the user, the game can’t be played for the next 30 minutes and the users are supposed to wait for that time frame to get over before they start playing the game again from their left levels. This wait makes the users addictive to this game and the challenge of completion of this game makes them prioritize the game to the utmost level. This game boasts of multiple levels and therefore the challenge of finishing the game to the last level becomes a very time consuming task for the users. All of this is free of charge and the users aren’t required to pay any amount to play this game with default time restrictions.

A Few Add-Ons

The time restriction of 30 minutes can be removed by paying off some money. This minor fees results in the removal of this time restriction being imposed onto the free users. There are also many other interesting features in this app which are available to the users once they make this small payment. Moreover the various advertisements witnessed during the starting and ending of each stage can also be removed by paying off some money in the form of app purchase. This game carries another advantage of being move oriented and not time oriented, which helps the users to leave it for a while in case of any distractions and continue it from the left position. This game often comes to the rescue as a big source of entertainment and fun during the train rides, boring meetings and lectures, while waiting for someone or something and many more such instances.

The Final Verdict

This game has its updated versions coming up at regular intervals. This enhances the gaming experience of the users by improving the quality of the game that consequently results in making this game the most preferred choice of the smart phone users. Moreover the gaming industry statistics indicate that this game has broken multiple records in terms of its usage and downloads made by the users. This game is a perfect addition to your smartphone. It can be played for entertainment, relaxation or for simply killing off some time.

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