Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Is the Closest You Could Get To 2142

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If you have already played Battlefield 2142, you are sure to find many interesting similarities of its maps in the upcoming Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4.

The four maps in the game are set in multiple locations from blazing snow drop poles to dry, battlegrounds in Russia.

From the videos that beta game play testers have released, we can clearly see that many of the maps are recreating something called 2143 the game that we may never witness but resembles closely to what the gaming community was asking for. A lot of new weapons have been introduced in the downloadable content which also includes multiple vehicles, including an excellent snowmobile that you can use to navigate in the heavy snowfall ridden lands.

Arctic Russia

Russia is always associated with snow and the Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4 is going to have one map dedicated to this scenario. It has four maps as with the usual. They are the Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Giants of Karelia and Hangar 21. Some unique weapons and vehicles are now being tested in the community test environment. There is one vehicle which is sure to surprise you when you get to drive it.

The prototype hover tank that we do not have enough details to share yet it is a great vehicle to own. There is also the game changing rail gun and in the CTE videos, we could spot a heat-seeking sniper that took down enemies so effortlessly. The company has not officially released more information about these maps as well as the new features to look forward to but your best chance is to check out for videos on YouTube, from the gamers themselves.

Developer’s Blog Post

In a developer’s blog post, he said, “We had a whole lot of fun testing all these new weapons and guns. The future tech weapons were some of the unique ones that will define Final Stand. They are the first of their kind for Battlefield 4 which is going to feature exciting vehicles as well. We really hope that you guys have the same level of fun that we had when we originally developed this stuff back in our studio.”

If you loved the old Battlefield 2142 which got released so long ago and never had a sequel as we expected, the upcoming DLC for Battlefield 4 is the best way to experience it one more time in a similar setting with some great weapons and vehicles.






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