GTA 5 – Awe Inspiring and Thrilling Gameplay

The Three Anti Heroes

The three anti heroes found in Grand Theft Auto 5 are straight out of Freud’s human psyche model. Trevor is a wild character, a psychopath who doesn’t care for others. Michael is a retired criminal, a critical moral person attempting to keep the psychopath identity in check. Franklin is the ego, which is organized and realistic, a mediator between the desires of the psychopathic identity and the super ego. Throughout the game, the player has to switch between the three characters, viewing San Andreas through their eyes. Each of the three have a different personality, bringing their own brand of psychosis to this most exciting of all games.

Seamless Switching

The switching of characters is a seamless experience in the game, making it unique. You can jump from one character to another at any time you want, by zooming the camera and then going back in, looking at what the characters have been up to during the gap. For instance, you could see Franklin coming out of a bar and see what he is up to and then swap to Michael and his activities or Trevor picking up fights with others. There are also many other side characters seen in between the stories, offering a cohesive feel to the entire story.

Huge Content

As you play along, there are many distractions as you explore the city of San Andreas, going through some missions and other activities. The amount of content in the game is truly staggering and is also overwhelming to an extent, as there is a lot to do in the way of taking decisions. You can explore the suburbs in Rockford Hills when you select Michael or explore the beautiful Vespucci Beach in the role of Franklin and the Blaine County in Trevor’s role. There is always something interesting to do, such as preventing some robbery and so on. Many of these activities also lead to some other side plots, whereas some just exist by themselves offering color to the game world. The plots all end up providing more depth to the characters and offer interesting context to the paradise created by Rockstar. The player is pulled in various directions by the different characters, but he can always come back to the primary campaign.

Noticeable Improvements

The story or the narrative is extremely crisp and the missions offer a lot of diverse activities, especially enhanced due to the swapping of characters. Some of the missions are truly thrilling, such as the one where the player has to fly in a helicopter, as Trevor, and come down the side of an office building as Michael and then offer sniper support through the character of Franklin. All mechanics have been improved when compared to previous iterations of the game. There is a great visual overhauling in GTA 5, making it one of the best looking among the games that are currently available for consoles. However, all this enhanced graphics and visual overhaul comes at a price. San Andreas is offered in much greater detail and this tells on the hardware, so there are some frame rate drops and so on. Gunplay has been enhanced and is very strong due to enhancements in aiming. The driving controls offer very exciting chases.

Exciting Heists

The mechanics are very effective during the heists in the game. It is not as if the player simply sets out on a bank robbery mission, but he becomes an integral part of the entire process. There is elaborate planning involved and a lot of thrilling cinematic moments. Players have the option of selecting among various plans, picking on the getaway car, selecting team mates and, thereby, controlling all aspects in a way that has never before been offered in any other game.

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