What is Newer and Better in Halo 5

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The action packed adventure game, Halo 5, is the fourth in the Halo series and one of the most anticipated games from the Microsoft stable.

It is expected to be packed with much more power, punch and action as compared to its predecessors and being launched on the eighth generation video consoles like XBox One and Play Station 4, it gives much assurance regarding the game dynamics and mechanics. This first person shooter game pits Master Chief, the main hero, against dark and alien forces. However, not many details have been divulged to the public in this regard, but gamers and media people have scripted some new features that we might see in the game, as per the trailer that was released. Some of these features have been listed below.

Makeover or Replacement of the Master Chief

The early trailers and previews of the game Halo 5 are very ambiguous and do not provide a good idea of whether Master Chief will stay or he will be replaced by a more powerful and attractive Spartan. In the trailer, a strong and new Spartan is seen over the Master Chief. So we can expect that either Master Chief’s character has been revamped and he has received a sparkling armor and a new model, or he has been replaced by a much stronger and powerful Spartan. Whatever may be the case, the main leader is going to be a strong man and the game’s release will only tell us about it. Game lovers await Halo 5 with bated breath.

Much Bigger and More Complex Game Play

Halo 5 is set to be much bigger and better than the preceding Halo 4. 343 Industries is said to be interested in developing and making the game. With so many people genuinely interested in the project for a large number of years, it is quite obvious to assume that the game is going to be much bigger in scale and much more complex when it comes to the mechanics as so many different minds would be put to use. Therefore, the players should get ready to experience a great extravaganza coupled with excitement and innovation.

A Whole New Engine

There are speculations that the company will develop a whole new engine for its Halo 5: Guardians game, which makes full use of the advanced hardware and technology provided by the XBox One. It would be a next generation engine, complete with all the features which would overcome all the problems being faced by the older versions of the game and hence would be custom built for Halo 5.

Base of the Game

The game is set to be designed around a desert or a vast arid space or so the trailer and teaser is showing. The trailer shows Master Chief roaming around in a desert when suddenly he faces a giant creature which erupts out of the ground. So the speculations are on that the game might be based on desert environment also, besides other tracks. What the actual game is, however, still remains to be seen.

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