Fallout 4 Wasn’t Released at QuakeCon, But We Saw A “Piece” of Doom 4

The weekend ended and the QuakeCon event came to an end, as well. One of the most popular events had, as usual, a huge LAN party and the guests had the chance to discover more about DOOM, a more than expected game.

At the event, there were more than 3000 gamers who participated to various tournaments and many gaming companies. Some of those companies that attended the event were Bethesda, id Software, Alienware and more. It seems that the QuakeCon fans were very excited about what happened at this year’s event.

We all expected some news from Bethesda about Fallout 4, but since this event is more about multiplayer games, and Fallout 4 being a single player game, it wasn’t appropriate to be revealed here.

Pete Hines, the spokesperson of Bethesda, said a few months ago that Bethesda will not announce any “big” games in the distant time.

However, the developers from id Software came with their upcoming game DOOM, which will bring a lot of the “old” players back to this game, since we all know how popular DOOM was back in 1993. PC Gamer attended this event and they were really impressed of what they saw.

If you like RPG games, then this is the right moment to buy some games developed by Bethesda because Steam has some big discounts for them. Skyrim can be bought for only 5 dollars, while The Legendary Edition of Skyrim is being sold for around 14 dollars.  Some other good discounts have the games The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion, which have a 75% discount and the new game Elder Scrolls Online has a 50% discount, being sold for only 37 dollars.

If you really like Bethesda’s games, then you should know that there is a “QuakeCon Bundle 2014” for sale, which includes games like Fallout 2, the entire Doom series, Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Elder Scrolls Online and many more, for only 126 dollars, saving you around 162 dollars.

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