WeChat – An Efficient Social App for Android and iOS 

When social networking apps were introduced into the app market, no one knew just how powerful they would be and how much change they would bring, to the world of communication.

Today, it is possible to chat, make voice calls and video calls, using communication apps. WeChat is one of the many free calling apps available. While it is only starting to become known in most parts of the world, this app has been the preferred mode of communication in China for some time now.

The Interface and Features

The WeChat interface will need some getting used to. The home screen hosts the contacts and other features, like the ability to start conversations and create group chats from your contacts. By simply tapping on the contact, you can choose to start a private conversation or you can tap on the face icon on the right side of your homepage, to start a group chat. Tapping on the keyboard icon allows you to start typing a message and the keyboard also acts as the speaker icon, whenever you need to send voice messages. By simply pressing on the ‘hold to talk’ icon, you will be able to record your voice message. Keep pressing the icon until you finish recording your message. Swapping upwards will automatically cancel the voice message.

When you tap on the plus sign, it will generate additional options, like the use of images, video, emoticons, live chat, name card and video call, among other options. Unlike in most free to call apps, the video call feature in WeChat, works quite well. You also have the liberty to switch from video to audio call without having to disconnect the call. This is a feature that is not available in most free calling and texting apps. There is also the WebChat option, which makes it possible for you to chat with other WeChat users, from your desktop. With WebChat, it is possible to transfer files from your PC to your smartphone and from your smartphone to your PC. After transferring files to your smartphone, you can download them and share them with other WeChat users. This is an exceptional ability, which sets WeChat apart. That is not all – WeChat also has a Live Chat feature, which works in the same way, as Hangout.

Other Features

Shake: makes it easy to connect with other users though it is not location oriented. By shaking your device, you will be given the profiles of other WeChat users who were shaking the device at the same time. This is a great way to meet new people.

Moments: this is the equivalent of a wall, where you can post pictures and select who gets to view them. You can also use filters to enhance how the images look.

Look Around: this allows you to connect with other users depending on your location.

QQ Contacts and Drift Bottle are other features you will get on WeChat, among many other great features.


This is one of the very few applications that perform, without technical hitches. The audio calling and video calling features work perfectly, especially with great Wi-Fi connectivity. It can also be used with 3G and EDGE connectivity, even though the performance may vary depending on the type of connection being used.

Overall, WeChat is an exceptional application, if you are looking for an app, for communicating with friends. It is a cross-platform app making it available for different smartphones.

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