F-Secure vs McAfee – What Would Keep You More Secure?

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F-secure antivirus displays its ingeniously better installation procedure that scans the Computer immediately after the installation.

It also removes every other known and unknown antivirus software that can pose any a problem to its updates and scanning processes. The test on F-secure Antivirus gave results as to complete cleaning up, detection and disabling as well as other options to remove approximately 90% of the malicious viruses and infections.

Remarkable Speed

The scanning speed of F-secure has been rated one of the best as it scanned and produced results in 1 minute and 15 seconds for the manual cleanup. For automatic scans done on the PC, it took up 3 minutes and 50 seconds. It also provides very efficient methods to help you save up your computer’s performance. Also, it provides simplified navigation procedures and makes scheduled scans better. Antivirus tests of this software are tested by German AV Lab. It provides exclusive pro-active and heuristic protection against zero day threats and a brilliant DeepGuard Cloud, always accounting the potential threats by tracking the details of every program and its working on the computer.

The software can also be properly designed to clean files automatically and to be replaced in the quarantine. It also provides a checkmark that shows protection status. F-secure also has a creative and impressive resource database for its users.


It does not have the anti-phishing capability. At times, it is also found to be overly sensitive in reporting false positives.


The recent addition of McAfee titled Chadder provides secure connections for communication processes by encrypting the private messages. The version also includes a better and enhanced virus scanning program. This version is based on key server encryption, which makes the sender’s message invisible to the program and can be read only by the recipient who has the encryption key. Its security system is claimed to be built by a third party security firm. The antivirus is built to block Trojans, rootkits and malware with Clean Boot Rescue and to provide malware security chart. The two antivirus tests on McAfee have come out with 14.25/18 points and were rated as ADVANCED. McAfee provides proper FAQs and provides a virtual technician to fix all the technical mishaps of its users, online. It also provides the advanced threat map info about the working and performance of your PC with respect to the threats encountered.


Provides innumerable crashing reports while using the software. Several Bugs are reported. Also, slower updates makes reloading and restarting discomforting due to the bugs.


F-secure has been opted by more than a million users, but McAfee has its exclusive feature that has emphasized a longer trust with its users. Let us know why and what’s your preferred antivirus among the two.

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