Amazon Fire TV vs Roku vs Chromecast vs Apple TV – Comparison Review

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Searching for a media-streaming device can be a tough task.

In case, you were looking for a particular media-streaming device suiting your needs, but want to compare all the available devices beforehand, we have prepared a comparison of top four devices presently available in the market. These media streaming devices are Amazon Fire TV, Roku 3, Chromecast and Apple TV. Read on to compare the differences between the four devices to make an informed decision.

Price Range

In terms of price, three media-streaming devices are available at a price of $99. These three devices are Roku 3, Apple TV and Fire TV. However, the fourth is the cheapest of all the media streaming devices available in the market. Google’s Chromecast is available at a price of $35, which is much less than the other devices accessible in the market.

The main reason for Chromecast being much cheaper than other devices in the market is its size. The Chromecast is very similar to a thumb drive in appearance. When compared to another media streaming stick, the Roku comes at a price of $49.


The Chromecast, being the smallest device in comparison to the other three set top boxes, comes with more portability. Obviously, the smaller device can be easily carried with you anywhere, as compared to the set top boxes such as Roku 3, Fire TV and Apple TV. The fact that Chromecast does not require cables for connecting it to the TV set, it makes the device convenient than the other three media streaming players.

However, the other three can also be carried around with ease. You would require a backpack or a decent sized purse to carry any of the other three devices.


All these four devices support similar channels, but with certain exceptions.

Chromecast does not incorporate channels such as ESPN, Amazon Instant Video and Bloomberg TV. Apple TV also does not come equipped with Amazon Instant and Showtime Anywhere support. The Amazon TV does not come equipped with HBO TV channel. However, the HBO TV channel is now available on Roku 3, Apple TV and Chromecast.


Let us compare the features individually.

The Roku 3 comes equipped with around a hundred games. The most remarkable feature of the Roku 3 device is its remote. As the remote connects with the set top box through Bluetooth, the user does not have to bring the remote in the line of sight of the device. The headphone jack, available on the remote, offers the convenience of browsing without disturbing others. Lastly, motion-based control of Angry Birds game, which is a unique feature that makes the game interesting and enjoyable.

Apple is renowned for connectivity features, which is present in all its products. The Apple TV also comes equipped with it. The AirPlaying feature is a class apart. It enables the user to play content on a bigger display with a tap of a finger. The Parental Control feature is also admirable. However, if you own plenty of Apple products, purchasing Apple TV set top box would be a sound advice. It is not customizable with other devices.

Chromecast comes with unique handling. It does not come with a remote but an array of remotes. Chromecast is highly compatible with smartphones and tablets. It runs smoothly with both iOS and Android based operating systems. In fact, you can easily control your TV set by making use of your computer or the Chrome browser.

Purchasing any of these above-mentioned four devices is based on personal preference as well. In case, you were searching for set top box with a gaming console, Fire TV and Roku 3 are best for you. Chromecast and Apple TV do not offer games.


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