The Division: An Open World Role Play Action Game

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The Division, under development for the Play Station 4 and XBox One, by the company, Ubisoft, is an upcoming open world online shooter game.

It is a role play action game that is built upon the tactics of stealth and speed and is set in the world of the post apocalyptic period. This game, The Division, was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo and has been under construction for most part of the year, with its launch being scheduled for early next year in 2015. The game is being released under the Tom Clancy brand by the promoters Ubisoft Massive and is being developed as an eighth generation video game console exclusive.

The Division Plot

The game makers have revealed the extensive plot surrounding the game, in order to build up gamer interest. A group of scientists funded by politicians launch a project called Dark Winter. The project is aimed at testing some chemicals against a bio terrorist attack and an emergency response to such a situation. The test reveals how such an attack could jeopardize the very existence of humanity and put the future of mankind at stake.

Such an attack does take place in the form of a virus that can survive on bank notes for up to seventeen days. It spreads rapidly among people upon contact and, as a result of this highly contagious virus, a pandemic breaks out on Black Friday. It is a day which marks the biggest shopping day of the year. Naturally, therefore, currency notes change hands rapidly and the virus spreads furiously, from person to person. Soon the entire machinery crumbles and the effect can be seen everywhere.

As the days progress, with the pandemic still stretching its powerful arms, major infrastructure capacities are fast crippled. Zones are quarantined, power failures occur, taps run dry, stock markets collapse and other unprecedented things happen. The game then begins three weeks after the pandemic has broken out and the players, who are a part of a team, called The Division, reach a police station located at a place called the Dark Zone. It is here that they meet a police officer, who then leads them and gives them directions.

The motive, of The Division, is to save whatever remains, after the pandemic has affected large areas. The president orders evacuation of anyone who has not been infected and in whichever way possible. The team is tasked with a difficult challenge and time, is less as the pandemic continues to spread.

The User Friendliness

The game makers of The Division have told that it is a massively multi player and online game, which is being developed exclusively for the eighth generation consoles. This has raised the expectations from the game in terms of graphics, handling, compatibility and smooth play, as far as the online medium is concerned. The release of the game was postponed to early 2015, after the developers found some glitches and weren’t satisfied with the game’s engine. Work is underway for smoothening out the platform and it remains to be seen how the gamers receive the improved version of the Division.

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