Battlefield Hardline Beta Will Go Live In January For PS4, Xbox One and PC

EA and Visceral games are all set to bring an all-new beta for Battlefield Hardline in the month of January next year.

The game is a unique take on the first person military shooter which is going to be all about urban warfare this time around. Its online feature is about cops and robbers who are going to go at each other, trying to stop heists and save hostages while the opposition will try to do away with as much money as possible.

The single player campaign looks more promising than ever because DICE is not known for their storyline and often, they end annoying us more with their Call of Duty inspired missions that never touch the mark. Visceral games were the team behind the successful Dead Space series and one thing we know about them is that they are capable of good story telling. The information related to this upcoming beta was revealed by a company representative during a recent interview who also confirmed that the same will not be available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owners at the moment.

Confirmed Second Beta

The first beta for Battlefield Hardline was incredibly successful as players were eager to see what EA has got to offer this time around. But, it wasn’t the best reviews that they received because Hardline played like Battlefield 4, which became its most boring factor. Robbers had artillery weapons and access to a whole lot of heavy power which is usually possessed only by military personnel. Such issues are expected to be either limited or completely removed from the new game.

The changes that Visceral made to the title can be confirmed only after we get to play the second beta, which comes in January but it’s a good couple of months to go for now. Speaking about the beta, the representative said, “There will be an open beta for Battlefield Hardline in January 2015 which will be a month before the game launches. The game may not have a beta on older generation consoles PS3 and Xbox 360, but it is sure to be there on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.”

February Release

Battlefield Hardline will probably be released in the month of February as speculated earlier and the representative from the company confirmed the same. Although, he didn’t specify an actual date for its release, he did say that the beta for the title will be there one month before release. It is confirmed to be in the month of January which obviously means that the game is coming out in February. The final game is going to be entirely different because Visceral postponed the release to make sure they deliver a game that is on par with the expectations that fans have. Even though, Battlefield Hardline is going to be a multi-platform title, we expect that it will still be good looking and specifically optimized for new generation consoles as well as PC. Let’s hope they make it right this time!

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