Roku 3 vs Amazon TV – Best Specs and Prices Comparison

Today’s consumer never seems pleased with the entertainment options available, therefore, he seeks out more. This is what led to the release of devices such as video streaming box-sets. Two of the most powerful and popular options available are the Amazon Fire TV and Roku 3. Both are fairly easy to set up , and the Amazon Fire comes pre-programmed.  Programming the Roku 3 is however a simple task. The Amazon Fire is linked to the Amazon account of the user, which represents a big advantage, while the Roku 3 offers cable apps from the likes of Time Warner. Therefore, both come with some features that make them unique.

The instant access of the Amazon Fire to Amazon’s complete online data base of movies and TV shows is a big plus. Another big plus is the voice search option which you can activated through the button located on the remote. You can use it to search for TV shows, movies, directors, actors, and others. If you like games, you will probably enjoy finding out that the Amazon Fire also offers an optional controller for games. These features are not available on the Roku 3, which only compensates through a motion activated controller which makes it easier to play games. Amazon’s game data base is far superior, however.

Roku 3 makes up however through a few cool features involving its remote, which offers a headphone jack, for private TV sessions, and also the capability of connecting with your mobile device, so you can send music and video files to your TV directly from your phone.

You can’t go wrong with neither one, as both offer cool and useful features. The Amazon device might be better for those who like gaming, while the Roku 3 might seems like the better choice for those more interested in movies and TV shows. Their high end design, features and power display make them both worth your money if you want to take your entertainment  a step forward.


Roku 3 comes at a price of $96  on Amazon while Amazon TV is available for $99.

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