Nokia X vs Nokia 525 – Pricing and Specifications Compared

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In order to prevent flagging sales, Nokia had decided to dominate the entry-level smartphone segment with a range of devices running on the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

The Nokia 520 was one of the first devices to do so and it has proven to be a major hit amongst users. Since the upgrade to the Windows Phone 8 came out, the 520 lacked the competitive edge because it couldn’t support this operating system. Hence, Nokia has come out with the Nokia 525, which will be sold alongside the Nokia X – the company’s first Android device.


Both the Nokia X and Nokia 525 features a similar candy bar design that has become a feature of the Nokia phones over the last decade. However, in line with the latest technological advancements, they offer very minimal physical buttons. The Nokia 525 comes with the ability to change colors depending upon the user wishes. The Nokia X, meanwhile, looks slightly curvy around the edges whereas the Nokia 525 features sharp edges.

Screen Technology and Features

This is one area where there is little to separate the two phones since they come equipped with a 4 inch display – a similar size as that of the iPhone. This 4 inch display provides a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, which is more than good enough for the entry-level segment. The two phones also employee the similar technology – IPS panel – which is known to provide great viewing angles and contrast ratios. This makes the screen legible even under direct sunlight, which is not the case with several smartphones in this segment.

Biggest Difference

The biggest difference between the Nokia X and 525 comes in the operating system that they employ. While the Nokia 525 goes for the Windows Phone 8 operating system that has been a flagship for Nokia phones in general, the Nokia X becomes the first device from this Finnish company to run on the Android operating system. Unlike the Android OS found in other high-end smartphones, this is quite different since it is the open source version of the OS.

The Android 4.1 version is used in the out-of-the-box version.


The operating system used by two phones may be different, but they employ a similar tactic to run them at the optimal level. They both use a dual core 1 GHz processor in order to run the operating system, but the Nokia 525 features a slightly better graphics processing unit. It also comes with substantial amount of RAM – 1 GB compared to the 512 MB on the Nokia X.


The five-megapixel camera used in the Nokia 525 is a significant upgrade over the previous generation devices, while it is also better than the 3.15 megapixel unit used in the Nokia X. As far as features goes, the Nokia X features the ability to take panorama images. One has to install third-party applications in order to get this feature on the Nokia 525.

As far as pricing goes, both phones are priced around the same at $ 160 for the unlocked versions.

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