Temple Run 2 Cheats and Tricks – How to Prioritize Your Upgrades?

Temple Run 2 has been created by Imangi Studios.

This game was released after the success of the first temple run game, which was released a few years ago. This is a pretty easy game and comes with intuitive controls. The game’s plot is very easy to understand. The game is simply a never-ending running maze that is fun and is an amazing pastime. Even so, becoming a master of the game and advancing through the stages may not be as easy as it seems. To make it easier for you, here are a few tricks and tips to help you in your next Temple Run 2 game.

Acquiring Gems     

Throughout the game, gems are placed in strategic places for pickup by the running character. These gems are really important for survival and you should, therefore, strive to collect as many gems as possible. These gems are used for resurrecting the character whenever they die. To ensure you collect every last gem, you need to learn how when and where to jump. The gems are mostly placed at the highest point of a sloppy track. Therefore, you need to jump before reaching the peak point. Also, some gems are placed at the end of the railway tracks. Step out of the caves with vigilance so that you do not miss the gems.

Prioritizing Your Upgrades

You should always prioritize your upgrades in this order:

  • Coin values – the most important one.
  • Coin magnets – helps you collect more coins with ease
  • Power meters – fills your meter to increase its speed
  • Save-me reducers – helps you save by gems
  • Pick-up spawns – helps you spawn more frequently
  • Boost distances – increases distances by 50 to 250 m
  • Shield duration – the least useful upgrade

Coins are vital when it comes to raising your score. The power-up for the coin magnet makes it possible for you to collect even more coins. One useless upgrade can be that of the shield, since it works only on some obstacles but not all of them. These obstacles are easy to avoid and hence this upgrade can be ignored.

Keeping the Cart Tilted Through the Mines

The underground challenge is quite an adventure. Most players will find it challenging, but it is easy to learn. To be successful in the underground mine challenge, you must know to tilt your cart. Keep the cart tilted towards the right side. This is a great way to make it through to the end of the underground mine as opposed to tilting, based on direction.

Getting Free Coins and Gems

This cannot be termed as a cheat. From the main menu, you will find the ‘free’ section that allows you to perform certain tasks to acquire gems and coins. Once acquired, you need to use the gems wisely to ensure you make the best upgrades. Some of the tasks you will be asked to perform are quite easy like playing another game for coins or liking the Temple Run 2 page on Facebook among other tasks.

These tasks are better done before starting the game. This way, you will have upgraded before beginning play.

Complete Stage Objectives

Temple Run 2 comes with in-game objectives that you should complete, to get special bonuses. Each time you come across a new objective in the objective screen, aim to complete it to level up faster and also increase your multiplier. While aiming for high coin collections and getting a high score is what most people go for, completing these objectives is equally important.



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