Far Cry 4 Glimpse Into Kyrat Trailer Revealed At Gamescom 2014

Gamescom 2014 witnessed a grand success, as the event was full of games from all directions and Microsoft, Sony and other publishers, proudly displayed their creations.

A lot of games managed to stand apart from the crowd with Far Cry 4, being one among the crown jewels. The video revealed during the gaming expo was exceptionally good and impressive. It details the level of attention given by developers to each and every aspect of the title. The game looks gorgeous and is set in three different worlds.

The first is the snowy mountains of the Himalayas, which is set 26000 feet above the ground. Next is the Shangri La which is a spiritual retreat where you have a godly tiger help you kill mythical enemies while the third is the dense forest, where the menacing antagonist is poaching elephants. As the narrator of the trailer says, the game is what you make of it, because they have given you all the freedom that you need, to keep exploring the vast world. The game stands unique in this aspect, because every cliff, jungle and waterfall that you see in the distance, will be fully accessible. It’s just like the real world, but without the risk of losing your life. After all, you can always reset the game, right?

On Top of Himalayas

The video titled A Glimpse into Kyrat begins, by showing off the snowy mountains of the Himalayas. If there is one thing that the developers of Far Cry 4 did great, it is choosing these mountains as their setting for the storyline. Set between Tibet and India, it is an ideal place for a Far Cry game, where there will be plenty of places to explore. Besides armed enemies, you will be facing a lot of ferocious and deadly beasts within including tigers, lions, cheetah besides some cute animals as well. It is as natural as the real world could get, where you will find time to enjoy the scenic beauty that the Himalayas has to offer, when standing atop 26000 feet, but the climbers call it the death zone.

They don’t address it this way, without a reason, because survival is near impossible at this point and there will be soldiers who will be giving you more trouble than what there already is. If you manage to survive everything else, the developers say, that there will be snow avalanches, which will be impossible to survive through, except if you strategically use your wing suit, to escape the location.

Mythical Tiger

Have you ever seen a tiger with a crown? Far Cry 4 introduces you to such a mythical beast, which will be your guide and companion in the land of Shangri La. The narrator says that it is a world which has powers and actions that are no longer connected to the actual world, but the consequences of any action done in this spiritual land will reflect in your actual game. The trailer doesn’t show much game play footage but it is really promising and something to look forward to.

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