Surface Pro 2 vs. Surface Pro 3 – Specifications and Price Compared

Apple Incorporated has dominated the smartphone arena for a long time.

However, with Samsung releasing its updated versions at regular intervals, depreciated the value of its archrival, the Apple Inc. However, in the tablet arena, Samsung had struggled to keep up with its counterpart. In fact, Apple iPad has also suffered sales loss due to the release of unique tablet PC on the rise. The notion of tablet PC has gained recognition with the masses.

Microsoft is yet another company fighting for the top spot in the tablet PC segment. The company realized that to gain quick stardom in this segment, they have to make their products compete with laptops in an effective manner. The release of Surface Pro 2 was an effective step in both tablet and PC front. After some time, the company released Pro 2’s successor, the Surface Pro 3 tablet.

Let us compare the two tablets in terms of specs and price to determine the better device.


In terms of design, the Pro 3 has taken care of specific issues that were disappointing in the Pro 2 tablet. Among other enhancements, the improved kickstand in the Pro 3 tablet is a significant feature. Pro 3 comes with multiple positions of inclinations in comparison the two positions offered by the Pro 2 tablet. This multiple position option was missing in the original Surface Pro tablet.


The large 12.2-inch display of the Pro 3 tablet offers bigger screen to work on, along with superior 4K display. The resolution offered by the Pro 3 tablet is also greater at 2160×1440 pixels. In comparison, the Pro 2 tablet encompasses of a 10.1-inch screen, which offers a full HD resolution. This proved a disadvantage for the Pro 2 tablet when it was stacked up against laptops, which came with a minimum of 13.5 inches display.

In terms of battery, the Pro 2 comes with similar battery unit offering great battery life as that of the Surface Pro tablet. Battery life has always been a strong point for Microsoft Surface Pro series. The newly released Surface Pro 3 comes with a slightly enhanced battery unit for large screen and an array of features to work with, without the need to charge in a day. Microsoft claims that the enhanced battery of the Pro 3 would last up to nine hours while browsing the internet. A single charge may last for a day under normal usage.

Surface Pro 2 tablet also catered the user with equivalent battery life.


The latest Surface Pro 3 tablet, offers the user with various options with respect to processor specs. The user can choose from lower spec Intel i3 processor, available at a lower price. The user also has the option of choosing from higher-end Intel i7 processor, which offers superior gaming performance similar to that of laptops.

In comparison, the Pro 2 tablet does not come with similar processor options. However, the Pro 2 offered the potential user with standard Intel i5 processor, similar to the middle variant of the Surface Pro 3 tablet. The Pro 2 was restricted to be priced in various segments, similar to the Pro 3 tablet.


In terms of memory, both the tablets offered similar internal memory variants. However, their models depended largely on the RAM offered by both devices. Variants with a RAM of 4GB come with 64GB and 128GB internal memory, whereas, models with a Ram of 8GB come with 256GB and 512GB internal storage capacity.


The Surface Pro 2 was released with a price tag of $899 whereas; the enhanced Surface Pro 3 tablet is readily available at a base price of $799.


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