iPhone 6 Release Date Update in September Reports

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The iPhone 6 is speculated to be released in September. It will most likely have the 3.5mm Audio Jack removed, making it the slimmest iPhone model ever made.

In concordance with 9to5Mac, it seems that Apple plans on using the Lightning port for the headphone, instead of the 3.5mm Audio Jack.

The headphone connected to the Lightning port will receive 48 kHz digital audio and send 48 kHz mono through a microphone.  Following the trend of high end professional microphones, Apple will equip its headphones with controls such as: volume, answer/reject calls etc.

At the moment, you can use EarPods to listen music to all kinds of streaming music services. However, the new EarPods will most likely work only for the iTunes Radio or the iOS Music application.

There are many rumors saying that the iPhone will be released somewhere in September, and they are now more “consistent”, after the iOS 8 was introduced at this year’s WWDC.

During the WWDC 2014, Apple stated that the new iOS 8 will come in September and it will run on the new Apple devices. That’s why many analysts expect the iPhone 6 to come with the iOS 8 already installed on it.

Even if there were a lot of speculations of a possible launch in August, Apple is known for having a habit of releasing its devices in September, so we’ll probably see the iPhone 6 in stores starting with September 19 – its release date, according to the German phone firm, Deutsche Telekom.

Phone Arena said that the iPhone 6 will come with 128GB of internal storage, which will be sold for 400 dollars with a two-year contract. Some analysts said that the normal variant will cost about 200 dollars and the “phablet” variant – 300 dollars.


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