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Early this year, Facebook rocked the social media scene by announcing the buyout of WhatsApp for a whooping $19 million.

WhatsApp has grown to become one of the leading free messaging apps of modern day. It makes it easy for family, friends and colleagues to stay in touch at an affordable cost. WhatsApp is a cross platform application, thus making it possible for different people to communicate using different devices and operating systems.

While there are numerous free messaging apps available, there are several features that set WhatsApp apart. This is what makes it the app of choice for over 450 million users worldwide. WhatsApp has lots of amazing features for users to enjoy.

Unobvious Things You Can Do with WhatsApp

Send Chat History to a Contact

It is possible to send an entire conversation via email to a WhatsApp contact. This can easily be done on Android and iOS devices. In the Android operating system, simply go to ‘menu’ and then to ‘more’. Tap on ‘email conversation’, enter the recipient’s email address and hit the send button. The entire info in the chat will be sent to your recipient. On iOS platform, you can send the conversation via email from the settings and choose ‘email char history’.

Changing the wallpaper

It can be boring when you have to stare at the same chat page background forever. Luckily, this can change because you can alternate chat backgrounds easily on WhatsApp. Simply go to the chat menu and click on ‘wallpaper’ option. You will be given a choice between uploading an existing an image from the gallery and taking a new image using the camera. Whichever choice you make, you will have a new background immediately. In iOS, you can make these changes from the conversations settings tab.

Saving Received Photos

All images you receive through WhatsApp remain stored in the WhatsApp image folder. In Android devices, images can be viewed from the image gallery, where you can also choose to share on Facebook. You can also choose to use the images as contact photos or in any way you want.  In iOS, the images received are stored in the photo app. To view all media shared and received from Android devices, simply go to ‘media’.

Backing-up WhatsApp conversations

For most people, there are conversations that mean much more than simply words in sentences. If you have conversations that you want to keep for a long time, you can simply create a back-up to ensure you do not lose them in case there is a problem with WhatsApp. To do so, you simply go to ‘chat preferences’ and click on ‘history backup’.

Make the Enter Key the Send Key

Most WhatsApp messages are made of short sentences and thus the enter key is of no use in the chat room. WhatsApp allows users to make the enter key a send key. This is convenient as users do not have to go back up to click on the send button. To enable this feature, go to ‘chat preference’ and click on the check box under ‘enter to send’. This option is only available on Android devices.

Creating Conversation Shortcuts  

If you are a consistent user of WhatsApp, you understand how boring it can be to keep re-launching the app whenever you want to continue a conversation. However, you can easily create shortcuts for your conversations to make this easier. Simply tap on the name of your contact and go to more on the chat menu. Tap on the ‘add conversation shortcut’ and you will be good to go.

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