Ryse: Son of Rome Xbox One Title Is Coming To PC

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Xbox One’s touted launch title, and rumored to be exclusive, Ryse: Son of Rome is now officially coming to PC.

When Microsoft announced the Crytek-made game during E3 2013, they confirmed that these exclusives will not be ported to other platforms and are designed to run their best on the console they are made for. Xbox One, the new generation console from Microsoft has faced stiff competition from Sony Playstation 4 and now it has started losing its grip on the exclusives as well. It is unknown at this point whether Microsoft is planning to strengthen its ties between the gaming hardware and Windows operating system, so that they can rule the industry on a whole new level.

Sony lacks the software advantage that Microsoft has and doesn’t have a strong presence anywhere else except for the consoles and smartphones. Earlier, Dead Rising 3 – another exclusive that was supposed to be only on Xbox One, was confirmed for PC. The newest addition is surprising, yet looks appealing because PC gamers will now try to see how good the game is. It received mediocre reviews on its original platform but with additional content, some tweaks and 4K resolution, it might just be a hit on the PC. No one can guess how well it would be received, at the moment.

Expected Improvements

Crytek, the studio behind the immensely successful title Crysis, made Ryse: Son of Rome. The game was a launch title that opened to great fanfare in 2013 but it soon faded off as the game’s too many scripted events and lack of appeal made it a dud in the market. We still don’t know whether the game failed simply because of the hype that was generated, or it really lacked the finesse. However, the developer promised that Ryse will have significant improvements in the PC version with 4K support, whereas the console version is still vying to touch the 1080p mark.

The game will launch in the month of October or November but there are already too many titles crammed up into these months. You could find at least half a dozen AAA games scheduled to launch before the end of 2014 while a lot of them have been postponed to early 2015. The game, on its launch date, will have all the DLC packs included in it along with the Ruins multiplayer map, Legionnaire’s Trust Sword, which were available earlier only as a special edition bundle for Xbox One owners.

4K Is The Future

The developer talking about Ryse: Son of Rome said, “This will be a great opportunity for our development team to show what the CryEngine is capable of. The incredible hardware available to PC gamers has made this possible to deliver Ryse in 4K which is a great leap in terms of graphics quality. The game will showcase what these high end PCs are capable of delivering and we believe that it will be a benchmark title from now on. The community has often asked us to bring it to PC and finally we have the technology to deliver it in its highest possible quality.”

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