Viber – Download Top App with Unlimited Talking and Chatting Time

If you want to chat and talk unlimited with your dear ones and friends in a faster and easy way, Viber is the perfect application for you! Besides that, it is absolutely free to make calls and send messages, share photos that you like or even make video and audio calls. You can do allof that freely with any person in the world who have this application on any device. To begin using Viber you should follow this certain steps: install register and then connect. Do you see how simple it is?

Viber is an incredible phone application, which was released early in 2010. First, it has been developed for iPhone usage, but now it’s available on Blackberry, Nokia, Windows phones, Android and many more. This application is similar to the great Skype app, but a bigger part of the youth has found Viber a better way to connect with people in any side of the world.

Viber’s feature is fast and simply to know. Users don’t have to register with any passwords or invitations. Also, it’s no need to log in every time you want to use the application because your registration is automatically made by your phone number on the account and the contacts in your mobile will be included. Viber could be installed not just on the smartphones but on iPads, Macs, Linux and desktops as well.

This amazing application offers you the best video and audio quality and enables you to use stickers and photos in the messages. Besides, you are able to send a lot of emoticons in a single message and share the messages you like on Twitter. If you want to see more friends in one chat-box, there is a feature that enables you to start a group conversation up to one hundred people.  You also are able to exchange calls from mobiles and desktops, there are lover charges for calling from non Viber land-lines to phone numbers. This App is accessible in many languages like English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Malay, Indonesian and thirty other.

Analysts reported that there are 300 million users on the Viber app. The most incredible thing is that a great portion is using it to make internationals calls, which is at equal one of the instant-power of VIBING. The app attracts its users because it’s 100 % free, it connect you to other people and does not have any ads. Furthermore, the conversations are 100 % secured and you have fully privacy.

The new technology provides to the world a faster and better way to get in touch whenever and wherever you are in all side of the Earth. Have you already installed your Viber application?

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