Moto X with Moto X+1 Having Android L – Guide and Installation

Android updates get devices and manufacturers at different times. Some companies implement the updates in a short time, but there are others that are more slowly. Happily for the Moto X fans, an executive of Motorola has affirmed the launching date of the Android L for the smartphone. The new release will depend on their network connection or the region of the user for the speed of the update. Some will be faster and other slower.

Punit Soni, a executive of Motorola, has confirmed the Android L update for the Moto X. Motorola confirmed the launching through an exclusive record by Android Origin and by their Google + account. A fan addressed a question about the release of the new update on Google + and Punit answered with an affirmation.

Punit has become very dynamic on the social media, replying to many Android fans. One of the users, David Burrows, posted that AT & T buyers will get the Android L when the Google releases Android N.

Immediately, Punit answered to this post, saying that the company is trying to increase the progress. Also, on the web were a lot of users that suggested to Motorola that it should create hosting updates for users to update their devices by their own. However, this would need a lot of attention and work of the company, which has many other upgrades left to launch. This update would be released as soon as Google makes L platform accessible. The speculations of the release date are for this fall or the end of the year.

According to Motorola’s reports, the company will also launch its MotoX+1 handset. DroidLife disclose the launching date on 35th September. Thus, the web site didn’t give extra information and it didn’t say where the leak came from.  On this website it was related that sources have affirmed the release date on this September user Verizon.

The analysts are also thinking that the Moto X+1 will be launched at the same time as Moto 360. Reported configuration of the Moto X descendant contains: 2GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory, Snapdragon 800, 5.1 inch screen with 1080 display, 12 MP primary cam and 2900 mAh li ion battery.

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