Moto G vs. Nexus 5 – Comparison of Price, Specifications and Features

Google’s Nexus 5 was undoubtedly an unchallenged leader in the smartphone market in the recent past, until the arrival of the Moto G.

While Nexus 5 is priced slightly on the expensive side, Moto G is available at less than half the price and renders above average performance. Although both the smartphones have a plastic casing that present, a solid feeling when held in the hand, Nexus 5 is definitely more sleek and lightweight, when compared to Moto G. However, you can remove the rear cover of your Moto G phone and customize it the way you want. This option is not available with Nexus 5, as you cannot remove the back panel. A striking similarity between the smartphones is that both of them use Kitkat, Android’s latest operating system. While Moto G has a few additional apps added by Motorola, Nexus 5 has a Google Experience interface, which looks different from the standard Android interface.

Moto G vs. Nexus 5 – Screen Display

The Google Nexus 5 portrays a screen of 4.95 inches, larger than the 4.5 inches of Moto G, with a remarkably higher pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080 and pixel density of 445 ppi that renders sharper images. Both the phones feature scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 3 screens with IPS LCD displays. However, the images produced by Moto G, also have good clarity and appear without blur.

Verdict: As the pixel resolution actually causes a difference only on smartphones with a screen display of five inches or more, there is argument as to which smartphone is a better choice, with respect to the display. Both phones can be considered to be at par with respect to this feature.

Moto G vs. Nexus 5 – CPU and Power

The Google Nexus 5 clearly races ahead of the Moto G, with respect to the power aspect. The Nexus 5 features a 2.26 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU and Adreno 330 GPU as against the 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU and Adreno 305 GPU of the Moto G. The RAM capacity of Nexus 5 is 2 GB which is also twice as that of Moto G.

Verdict: While for ordinary use, both phones function equally well, Nexus 5 is, without doubt, a superior choice for avid gamers and photography lovers, who enjoy using their phones to play 3D games and to capture a couple of quick photographs of something that they find interesting.

Moto G vs. Nexus 5 – Camera

Both Nexus 5 and Moto G have the same LED flash and lenses of f/2.4 aperture for their cameras. But, the Nexus 5 features an 8 MP camera with a 1/3.2 inch sensor which is far more than Moto G’s camera with 5 MP and 1/4 inch sensor.

Verdict: The camera in Nexus 5 produces sharper images with better clarity and optical image stabilization. Also, this camera is a better choice to shoot photographs when the lighting is less.

Moto G vs. Nexus 5 – Battery

Although Nexus 5 has a battery capacity of over 200 mAh higher than its counterpart, Moto G, it is Moto G that actually scores with respect to this feature. This is because Moto G offers its user about seven extended hours of talk time. With regular usage, you can use Moto G comfortably for a full day without charging, while Nexus 5 is ideal for a 17 hour use. Thus, if you are not likely to be able to charge your smartphone for an entire day, Moto G is undoubtedly the best bet.

Verdict: Moto G definitely scores over Nexus 5, if battery life is one of the key parameters that you are looking for, when buying a smartphone.

To conclude, Nexus 5 wins the bet in terms of technical aspects such as sharper screen, better processor, camera quality and high-resolution sensor.

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