Battlefield 4 Premium Members Get Dragon Teeth DLC on July 15

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Putting an end to all the rumors that started circulating in recent days, Electronic Arts has officially confirmed that all Premium members will get a new DLC titled Dragon’s Teeth for Battlefield 4, this July.

The official date got leaked at first through a Twitter message where someone accidentally revealed the release date even though they were supposed to be posting a text that says ‘coming soon’. While the mistake couldn’t have been deliberate, the internet community instantly caught on to the information because most people already knew that the downloadable content is scheduled for a July release.

They also have to release it two weeks earlier for Premium subscription owners so that others could receive it towards the end of the month on July 29. This is not just another a content that is being brought after extensive bug fixing and patch releasing that DICE in association with EA carried out in the past months. The BF4 was considered to be an unplayable, unfinished game that the publishers pushed onto the face of gamers with a good $60 price tag. They were furious over the shortcomings which led to strong criticism on all social media channels and EA announced multiple discounts continuously to keep the game selling. They also announced that no DLC will be released until the issues are sorted out.

CTE Helped Dragon’s Teeth

Without the Community Test Environment that proved really successful, the Dragon’s Teeth content for Battlefield 4 would have never seen the light of day. If the maps and weapons work as they are meant to be this time, it could lead to a smooth release for the pending DLCs that EA has promised to deliver their Premium package owners. The game is much better now, according to many gamers who posted their views on community forums and official Electronic Arts pages. A slew of new content is coming up with this release which is expected to keep them busy for a while because some of them sound really interesting and have the potential to change the game in a way that would have gamers thronging for it, for months to come.

New Weapons and Vehicles

According to EA’s official statement, Dragon’s Teeth for Battlefield 4 will get four new maps set in an urban Chinese environment and has an all new mode named Chain Link to explore. The pack will bring in five new weapons, another new gadget titled as the Ballistic Shield, and a remotely controlled ground vehicle named R.A.W.R. that could change the entire gaming scenario if used properly.

For other players, who will be getting the same DLC on July 29 will have to shell out $15 to purchase the content separately without any additional perks while premium owners will have some goodies which are usually giveaways as part of EA’s marketing plans. Once the content gets officially released, it will be known how playable and seamless it is after all the tweaks that have been made in the base game so far.

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