Minecraft PS3 – Taking a Step Back?

Catching up with the PC Version

Minecraft is an amazing sandbox game that has been offered in various platforms over the years. It has proved that you can achieve anything with a pickaxe and some imagination. Players can create sprawling cities and landmarks and even a whole country, using the colorful blocks of Minecraft. After the digital release of Minecraft for PlayStation 3, the game has made attempts to catch up with the original version for the desktop. The PS3 version brings in new elements like biomes and villager trading along with some new materials. However, the PS3 version is still lagging behind the PC version, as the player cannot ride horses across the plains or produce stained glass. Yet, the PS3 version of Minecraft offers a satisfying experience, though the world is a little constrained.

Features of Minecraft PS3

The PS3 version has features that are almost similar to the Xbox 360 version of the game. The controls are the same in both the versions. The game was brought to the Xbox 360 in 2012 and came with sharp and fluid controlling features. 4J Studios, the creators of Minecraft, have brought in the same features to the PS3 version as well. The DualShock controller takes some time getting used to on the PS3, but players can very soon become comfortable punching trees, crafting tools through the difficult forest terrain and collecting resources. Players must, at the same time, fight against creepers and spiders using a sword or a pickaxe.

Simple Crafting System

The crafting system is also extremely simplified and offers a streamlined experience while building. Players can freely scroll through the crafting menu and view all the items needed for building. There are items that can be used right away and these are fully colored, whereas others are left opaque. There is no longer a trial and error method, as in the PC version of the game. In the PC version, one had to place the resources, like lumber and iron, on a crafting table and then create a particular item. However, those who have played the PC version and prefer to experiment with the placement of resources might not find this style very impressive, as it is a little toned down. Those who just want to quickly go through the process of creating items and pieces and are more interested in jumping into the real game without wasting time will find this simplified crafting system more appealing.

Optional Cosmetics

There is some difference in the gameplay, between the Xbox 360 version and the PS3 version. This is with respect to the optional cosmetics. The PS3 version seems to be lagging behind in this respect. Though the adventure begins with the character Steve, you can also opt for beginning as the Spider Man or as Gordon Freeman. You can access these cosmetic options on the Xbox 360 versions, by using skins that can be downloaded, which is lacking in the PS3 version. These skins are very interesting and are inspired by famed indie games, such as one based on The Avengers by Marvel. These options are missing in the PS3 version. However, players can buy a pack with console exclusive skins. Many other texture packs are also not yet available for the PS3 version of Minecraft.

PS3 vs. PC Version

When compared to the PC version of the game, it seems that the PS3 version is actually taking many steps back, with respect to the content as well as the performance. The space for building the empire with blocks is rather small, whereas, in the PC version, the space was infinite. The land generated in the beginning is closed in on all the sides by an ocean and you cannot escape it. The PC version also had better details and a long distance view.

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