Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo vs Moto G – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

The Galaxy Grand Neo is one of the latest offerings from Samsung and one that will act as a replacement for the incredibly successful Galaxy Grand.

This device brought about the fashion of fielding a large touch screen display, which may necessarily not have the best resolution, in a device that is going to compete against a wide range of phones. It seems that this philosophy has caught on since a number of manufacturers including Motorola have come out with devices like it. The Moto G is one of them.


Samsung has become a manufacturer that pursues lightweight aspect over the likes of premium materials, but that philosophy appears to be changing in recent years. The Galaxy Grand Neo benefits from the wide range of flagship phones that have come prior to it. It takes a lot of cues from those models to assemble a package that is not only cost-effective but also rich in features as well. The Moto G also announced a similar philosophy by providing a large display, but it benefits from the fact that it is even lighter than the Samsung.


The Galaxy Grand Neo achieves victory and defeat in this department because it uses a large 5 inch unit. However, this display will not be able to compete with the 4.5 inch unit on the Moto G in terms of detail because the Motorola phone features a 720p resolution despite having come out in the middle of 2013. The Galaxy Grand Neo is a relatively new device after having been announced in February, but it comes with the same 480 x 800 pixel resolution that was a standard feature of the smartphones a few years ago. As a result, it suffers in terms of detail.

Internal Memory

Like Apple, internal memory has always been a strong point of Samsung phones and this tradition continues with the Galaxy Grand Neo as well. This is because the device not only comes with 8 GB and 16 GB memory variants, but it also provides micro SD card support to up to 64 GB as well. The Moto G loses out on this aspect because it only offers internal memory, which may be similar to the offerings on the Galaxy Grand Neo, but it does not have the external memory card support.

Since both phones have the same 1 GB of RAM, multitasking feature is expected to be similar, although the Moto G can efficiently use this RAM due to the lack of any external user interface. The Samsung uses the familiar TouchWiz user interface, a standard feature on Samsung phones. The Moto G benefits from the Google links and it will support the latest android 4.4 version. The lower quality specifications mean that the Galaxy Grand Neo supports only the 4.2 version.

Battery Life

The Moto G will be able to post a slightly better battery life due to a similar battery size of around 2100 mAh in both phones. The Moto G, which is priced at $ 200, uses a slightly smaller display. The Samsung is priced at $ 240.

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