Nike Fuelband, Garmin vivofit, Jawbone, Fitbit Flex Comparison

Know Your Fitness Progress with the Best Fitness Tracker Bands in the Market

Fitness is the most important factor in human health and many people try all means to be fit. But do you have a track of your fitness progress? How do you know if you are advancing or regressing? Whether it is your daily steps, or your sleeping habits, or record the number of calories you have burned out, you will be able to have a record of all that, thanks to the Fitness Tracker band. This is a device that is worn on the wrist to keep a record of your fitness progress and process.

Some of the popular brands include;

Jawbone UP24

This is an advanced version of the previous Jawbone and it is unique by how it gives important data on various factors of your daily activities. The Jawbone UP24 is user-friendly and you can also be able to scan food barcodes to know its collection and/or the content it has. It is a classy tracker wrist band that feels comfortable when put on. However, it doesn’t have a screen, but it is water-resistant, which works well for swimmers and those who work mostly with or near water. The tracker goes for around $134.

Garmin Vivofit

It goes for around $300 and it is among the leading tracker bands. The Garmin Vivofit can help you the daily workouts into a healthy, permanent practice. The device will log the steps taken, sleep, number of calories burned and the distance walked. It will also give you a customized fitness objective that will adjust automatically daily as you advance in your workouts. The device comes with a battery life warranty of 1 year, which is the most unique feature of it, compared to any other Fitness tracker Band.

Fitbit Flex

This device is categorized as one with comfort when wearing it and comes in a classy design. The Fitbit Flex comes with a rubber band that is cozy and appealing. It has an inbuilt app that works on providing multiple data to let you aim at your set goal as it monitors the progress. It may seem kind of challenging to operate, but it encourages you by giving you’re your daily goals and time taken or required. The device is less cheap than other tracker bands as it costs only $97.99.

Nike Fuelband SE

Its price ranges between $140.99 to $269.99 and it is a newer version of the previous FuelBand. The Nike FuelBand SE has a new feature that lets you set a reminder to keep exercising. In this newer version, you can as well create Sessions, a function that allows you to track the Fuel points that you earn in the event of a given activity such as a run in the afternoon. The function also tracks the duration of that given activity. However, it gives less info on the amount of activity you need to take in order to be fit. It also does not track the sleep records.

These are tracker bands that can serve you the best result that you may need to know about how you are progressing in your fitness process. Each Fitness Tracker Band has its own unique feature that ranks it among the best in the market.

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