iPhone 6 – Release Date Rumors, Latest Updates and Cool Features

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It seems like every year when August and September roll; rumors heat up for the new iPhone.

That is the case with iPhone 6 as well. The highly touted phone hasn’t yet hit the market, yet people are lining up to get a piece of it. And as always, photos of the device “mysteriously” leak and the rumors are spreading. Based on rumors, here is what we can expect from the new iPhone 6.

Release date

Most rumors point to September 9th as the release date for the new phone, with a major revision in place. Everything points that September is the month and the iPhone. The release of the new device will fit nicely with the newly announced iOS 8. There is still no event scheduled for presentation, as Apple likes to promote their new phones at a special event. Some rumors go as far as saying that Apple is restricting holidays for workers in Germany in September, suggesting that the end of the watch is near.

Design and Display

With several competitors out on the market like Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2 and others, iPhone 6 is bound to have a larger screen. A lot of pressure is put on Apple to produce a phone that can be competitive with the sheer size of Android based smartphones. Most of the reports suggest a 4.7 inches screen size as a possibility (with 1424 x 878 pixels screen resolution). Additionally, another separate device is in the making (5.5 inch phablet). It is expected to be 66mm wide and 7.0mm thick. Don’t expect Apple to try and overcome its competitors in pixel density. The company keeps ppi low, as it translates into better battery life.

Rumors are spreading that Apple will finally unveil the Liquidmetal in the build of the phone. According to leaked photos, iPhone6 doesn’t have the logo on it, suggesting that NFC is possible for the first time. Another change comes with the power button that is now moved to the side of the handset. Reports suggest an unbreakable display, or usage of a lot of sapphire glass. However, due to the costly investments in such technology, the price may go over the roof. Don’t put your money on it yet.

Hardware and Operating System

The next processor in the iPhone will be an A8, with more power and better efficiency. Everything suggests Apple will stick to its dual core chip with improved speed and power at 2GHz. RAM memory will stay the same at 1GB. Some reports speculate that we might get the first 128 GB iPhone, but that internal storage is reserved for the 5.5 inches phablet, while the iPhone’s cap will be set at 64 GB. Everything points that iOS 8 will premier with the new phone.


According to several sources, Apple will finally jump to double digit megapixel camera (13 MP sensor bought from Sony). The new operating system also provides several options for photo editing, giving users all the tools and assets for perfect snaps. Another improvement will be made in the use of Electronic Image stabilization, a solution many believe is far superior than Optical Image stabilization.


Battery capacity will be enhanced, with 15% more capacity than 5S. The new battery for iPhone 6 will have a capacity of 1800 mAh, and with all the power saving and efficiency options, it should make your phone last for several days without breaking a sweat.

Cool features

Some cool features in the new and improved operating system include the rumored Healthbook, an application that might save your life. The application collects all the data from health monitoring applications, providing you with one source to view them all. Rumors suggest the phone will come with a variety of sensors to monitor your health and send data to the application.

Another report suggests Apple may join the wireless charging movement, but that might still be an illusion and wishful thinking (even though Apple has filed a patent for it).


Several reports suggest the new iPhone 6 will start at around $650, and the price may go up to $850. One thing is certain, it won’t be cheap.

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