Amazon Fire TV vs. Apple TV – Key Differences between the Two Set-Top Boxes

Amazon has joined the league of media streaming players, with the release of Fire TV.

The Amazon Fire TV, as known to the world, comes in direct competition to the Apple TV. Both these products offer a plethora of features to the potential user. The Fire TV may be the latest release from Amazon, but it is competent to give the already established Apple TV a tough competition. Let us compare the Fire TV to the Apple TV to determine the major differences between the two media streaming boxes.


Both the media streaming boxes are small, as compared to the size of the Xbox One. These small boxes can be stored easily anywhere near the TV. In terms of design, both the boxes are entirely different from the other. The curvy edges of the Apple TV differentiate from the Fire TV’s sharp edges. The Apple TV comes in a more relaxed design as compared to the rectangular shape of the Fire TV.

Different Services

Many things can be done with both the Amazon Fire TV and the Apple TV. Primarily, these set-top boxes are designed to offer the potential user with audio and video services.

The Apple TV offers a wide variety of TV shows, videos and movies to the user via its iTunes library. In comparison, the Fire TV offers the user its Prime Instant Video and Amazon MP3. The prime Instant Video store offers the user rental/purchase and streaming services; whereas, Amazon MP3 is a digital music store.


As most Amazon gadgets, the Fire TV runs on Android based operating system. On the other hand, the Apple TV runs on Apple’s software, which it does not share with other Apple products.

Regardless, both devices have very similar interfaces. The Fire TV comes equipped with a heavy Android skin, as compared to the usual Android UI. The HTML5 is used in the manufacturing of the Fire TV’s software, which makes it extremely efficient. Nevertheless, both interfaces are media-centric, making use of artwork to fill the TV screens.

Fire TV Reasonable Open than Apple TV

The Fire TV would enable the user with access to download additional apps from the Amazon application interface. The Amazon apps interface has been designed for Kindle Fire tablets.

In comparison, the Apple TV caters the user with few applications only. In addition, the selection is also limited. Mere installing the box would not provide you with access to the iTunes App Store line-up. Netflix is also limited to what the Apple TV has to offer to the user.

Fire TV – Great for Gaming

In comparison to the Apple TV, the Fire TV offers a great gaming experience to the user.

The Fire TV has a bigger apps library than the Apple TV. However, the Apple TV offers the user with AirPlay feature, which would enable the user to play a game from the iPhone handset to the TV screen.

Remote Control

Both the devices come with the scroll wheel on the remote to control the interface. The Fire TV has seven additional buttons whereas; the Apple TV has two. Regardless, the Fire TV comes with more implicated remote control as compared to the Apple TV’s remote.


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