Halo 5 – Will It Be a Hit or a Miss?

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Halo 5 is the name given to the next Halo on Xbox.

The Halo 5 is expected to begin the next chapter of the Master Chief hallowed saga, as announced by 343 Industries, sometime in June this year. While very little information is available about the new sequel’s gameplay, there is information about what to expect from the new game, which is set to be released in 2015, with the Beta version set to be released by December 2014.

Here is what is known so far, concerning the yet to be released Halo 5, based on the trailer:

Master Chief Gets A New Outfit

The first portion of the Halo 5 trailer shows Master Chief dressed in ragged robes over the armor. These robes depict the ideal outfits for the desert settings even though they seem extremely unnecessary because of the armor. This then begs the question, is the robe a dramatic reveal or is it expected to play a significant role in the story? This will only be revealed upon the release of the game.

Master Chief Has Been Through a Rough Time

The Chief’s hood will finally come down and what is revealed is that the Chief has seen better days. The look on his face is a clear indication that Chief has had some rough times in the mystery planet. By the end of Halo 4, Chief was safe and at home in planet earth. However, in Halo 5, the armor appears battered and the visor is cracked. So, what exactly caused the damage?

Master Chief’s Halo 5 Acquires a Brand New Engine

When the Halo franchise was taken over by the 343 Studios, the graphics of the game were drastically improved from their previous iterations. The 343 Studios are not done yet with sprucing the Halo franchise. In Halo 5, they go further and improve the visuals with the increased Xbox power. It is rumored that the 343 Studios are working on creating a brand new engine for the game. This new engine promises to come with even better graphics for the series. For the first time, the game is expected to run at sixty frames per second, meaning that Halo’s frantic action will run more smoothly.

Expect Better Play Online

When it comes to the Halo franchise, the online multiplayer feature is the most popular aspect. It is one of the best competitive games in the industry and is rumored to get better. 343 Studios is working on upgrading the Halo online battle in different servers for multiplayer. This means that players will no longer depend on the connections of other players to enjoy great game play and the online performance is expected to be improved. Therefore, fans of the game can expect to enjoy responsive and faster iteration.
Spoiler Alert for Halo 4

At the end of Halo 4, Cortana dies, and this is probably the most emotional episode of the franchise. Cortana has been Master Chief’s companion through close to the entire trilogy. Cortana is also one of the most human characters in the franchise, even though it is an artificial intelligence character. However, in Halo 5’s trailer, Master Chief can be seen holding a similar device as that which Cortana was stored in. This has led to rumors that the Halo 5 release will be focusing on reviving Cortana. However, this will only be confirmed when the Beta version is released in December.

If Halo 5 is as good as advertised, then players are in for a Halo journey like never before.

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