Candy Crush Saga – Why it is a Sweetly Addictive Game

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Saying that Candy Crush Saga is an interesting game is an understatement.

This is because this game has grown to become one of the most played and most downloaded games of all time. It is a game that is available for different smartphone operating systems and it can also be played on Facebook. Candy Crush Saga launched a year ago and was initially overlooked by many people. However, it has managed to climb to the top of the apps charts in just one year and it is hard to predict what the future holds for this game.

Why Is It So Appealing?   

The Candy Crush Saga has a novel system that rewards Candy Crush players with one life after every half an hour until the lifeline is completely full with a total of five lives. This system is what makes it possible for millions of players to enjoy this game for free. The game becomes more challenging as a player advances in levels, with more than 300 levels to complete. These challenges make sustaining the five lives hard since most of the levels take more than one life to pull through. Once a player is out of lives, they can opt to wait for two and a half hours for the lives to be regenerated or they can opt to purchase the lives using gold bars or real money. Alternatively, players can send out life requests to other players who are their friends on Facebook. The Candy Crush Saga game enjoys daily check-ins of more than 400 million players globally.

Candy Crush Saga and Social Experiences 

The Candy Crush Saga game offers players an amazing and personalized social experience. This is because the game allows players to share their progress with their Facebook friends and followers. It is also possible for players to know how far their friends have advanced in the game and also know when they pass or score higher than them. The best part about this game is the fact that it is possible to replay a level as many times as possible, until you attain the score you desire. This is a great way to surpass the high scores of your friends.

Different Levels, Different Game Play 

Unlike most games, Candy Crush Saga offers different missions to complete for each level. The best part is that it is impossible to predict what the other levels have in store. This makes some levels easy to pass and others not so easy and helps to keep players interested and the game entertaining. Some levels will require players to reach a certain score within a given time frame. Other levels require players to crush jellies within the number of moves given while other levels require players to bring ingredients down.

With the different levels and game plays, Candy Crush Saga has managed to keep players entertained for more than a year now. This may continue for many years to come since the game developers continuously improve on the game and add to the number of levels available.

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