GTA 5 Online Unlimited Money Patch Update?

The highly popular and successful title, Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 has lots of rumors that are making rounds in the internet; the GTA 5 online unlimited money patch update is one of them.

Gamers who play GTA 5 online have to discover alternate methods to earn huge amounts of money as against winning over the same mission again and again. Few players have made use of these missions, paying the precise amount every time a mission is finished, which is why Rockstar Games upgraded the gaming system to provide the gamer half of the reduced payout amount after he wins a mission more than one time. This is to motivate the gamers to discover new missions and the game’s extensive content and maintain the game’s balance.

There have been several such money patch updates that have been rolled out by Rockstar Games in the recent past. Perceptive players have already revealed a new unlimited money patch through car duplication trick. With the update fetching new weapons, monster trucks, fireworks, and 7 new houses, enthusiastic GTA 5 players would be keen to earn quick money for purchasing these stuffs in a hurry. This patch-up works with any random car or vehicle in GTA 5 Online.

One way to win quick money is by robbing armored trucks that cruise along the streets of Los Santos. Just kill the driver and open the back doors with a gun or C4. A single armored vehicle can give as much as $5,000.

Another genuine strategy for winning unlimited money is players can discover Simeon vehicles for quick cash. A cars’ list will be texted by Simeon, though players can get him one. This is quick, though not huge money, so care has to be taken not to damage the vehicle as it will reduce the money one will earn. Occasionally, he will request for a priority vehicle for the player to retrieve, which will be indicated on the map. Explore the map to discover a small weed farm outdoors with some gang associates guarding it. The player can now discover a suitcase packed with cash within the shed, which reproduces every week.

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