Clash of Clans – Best Effective Methods of Using Traps

If you’re not using traps in Clash of Clans, then you should start using them. Traps can be very useful if you place them in the right spot and can save your village. We will tell today about how to use these traps effectively and how to get the most from them.

1. Bombs

If you ever played Clash of Clans, you surely know about these ones. After you saw a replay from a raid that occurred in your village and some troops triggered them, you were pretty certain that they will die after the big “booom” you heard. Instead, you noticed that they received 12 damage in a radius of 3 tiles. These bombs are kinda useless, unless you use a bunch of them, around 3-6, to deal some real damage. If you group them together, they can easily kill a group of Archers or Goblins. If not, they will only lower their hp a little bit and nothing else will happen.

2. Spring Traps

Spring Traps can be a real pain for your attackers. These traps are very effective when it comes to cost wise and the “damage” they can deal. We said “damage” because actually they are throwing away from your village the troops that trigger them. However, they will be triggered only once per battle and they will have to be rearmed by you after that. While spring traps cost 2000 and bombs only 400, we find that spring traps are still the most effective ones in terms of costs and the “mess” they can do. Unlike bombs, you will want to spread these traps all over your village and don’t stack them as you do with bombs. If you use them correctly, you can throw off your village a bunch of giants or other nasty troops.

3. Giant Bombs

Giant Bombs deal 110 damage, but they are quite expensive, because they cost 50.000 gold to get rearmed. Maybe if you will use a giant bomb in a spot where you will catch a lot of troops around it when it explodes, it will worth it. But as you know, most of the players will scout the space with 1-2 troops before they go with all the troops there. However, we think that the giant bombs are the most ineffective traps from Clash of Clans and should not be used, since they are expensive and will not kill as many troops as you’d want, so it’s not worth the investment.

4. Air Bombs

These are normal bombs, and the only thing that differs is that they “fly” and that they deal more damage. They will deal 100 damage in a radius of 5 tiles and they will cost you 4.000 gold. These bombs are very useful against Balloons and Minions, since they deal a lot of damage to them, but can be pretty good against Dragons and Healers as well, because they will deal enough damage to them also, enough for your air defenses to take them down fast.

5. Seeking Air Mine

This great trap deals 1.500 damage to a single unit, enough to bring down even Dragons. However, keep in mind that it does only single damage and not splash damage. Seeking Air Mine cost you 600 dark elixirs and it “eats” Balloons, Dragons and Healer for dinner. We recommend you to buy this trap constantly, because it can make the difference to save your village from “perishing”.

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