iPhone 5C – Specifications, Price and Features

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Apple’s iPhone 5C comes in five vibrant colors; green, blue, yellow, pink and white, with a glossy outer shell. It is sturdy and offers good quality, but fingerprints and scratches could be a problem in this glossy shell. In addition, it does not offer a provision for using a microSD card. The construction is sturdy, but a little slippery, though it can be easily held in a hand. Though the body is plastic, it is accompanied by reinforced steel within and offers rigidity.

The iPhone 5C has dimensions of 124.4 x 59.2 x 8.97 mm and weighs 132 g. It is slightly heavier and also bigger than the iPhone 5. The phone offers a 4 inches screen, IPS Retina Display with a resolution of 640 x 1136 p, similar to the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S. It offers good legibility even in sunlight and the viewing angles are good. Pictures and text are sharp and crisp, but typing on the small screen might take some time getting used to.


The iPhone 5C comes with the iOS 7 out of the box. It offers a new look with a new user interface and colorful new icons for App Store, Safari and so on. This offers a lot of visual changes in the phone. The Control center is a new addition and allows the user to toggle easily between Bluetooth, Wi Fi, Flight Mode and so on. It also enables controlling the volume and brightness. There are also many shortcuts for the apps. The Notification Center has also received some changes. The Today view shows you the latest appointments and the Tomorrow view offers a summary of the appointments for the next day. There are also other features, such as Reminders, Stocks, etc, offering a rich notification system.


The camera on the iPhone 5C is similar to the one on the iPhone 5. It works perfectly and takes great pictures with the auto mode. So, you don’t actually need to do much with the settings. The camera app has a new user interface. You can swipe in both directions and alternate between the modes, Panorama, the Square, the Photo and the Video mode. It might take some time to get used to the new user interface, but it is an improvement and is very fast. Content can be grouped by Moments or by Years or Collections, depending on the time and the location. This makes it easier when you are searching for stuff in your library.


Switching from one app to another is significantly faster. The phone offers support for the AirDrop feature. You can access it from the Control Center. It enables the user to share his photos or contacts and videos with other users who also have AirDrop located nearby. Even if you don’t have a Wi Fi network, you can share content through the Wi Fi and the Bluetooth. The battery capacity is 1507 mAh and is bigger than that of the iPhone 5. It lasts for a decent time, if you set the brightness to the auto setting.


The iPhone 5C is great phone, but since it has been released at the same time as the 5S, there is bound to be comparisons. Thus, it becomes very difficult to recommend the phone, as the 5S is the flagship model. If you are ready to spend a little more money, you can buy the 5S. However, if you are on a fixed budget, you can opt for the 5C available for around $650. If you have an older model of an iPhone, something before iPhone 5, you could consider upgrading to the 5C or the 5S.

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