Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 6 – Camera Comparison

There have been long-standing rumors that Apple has for many years accused Samsung of copying iPhone features in their flagship smartphones.

Even though there might be some truth to this, Steve Jobs had dreamed of making some adjustments to all of Apple’s phones so that it could beat Samsung.

There is currently no doubt that Samsung is a leader when it comes to Android features and innovation. For example, the Galaxy has a fingerprint feature, and there is likelihood that it inspired the iPhone 5 touch ID sensor.

Some of the Galaxy S5 Camera Features

The Galaxy S5 camera is an ISOCELL 16 megapixel shooter which boasts of an autofocus that takes just a fraction of a second to be photo ready. The camera does focus very quickly even when you move the phone from one position to another.

When you look at the interface, you will notice that it is a little different as everything is now part of a circle. A look at the camera mode reveals that many of the modes available in the previous versions are still there. Good examples are the shot and more, and the beauty face.

The settings of the Galaxy S5 camera have so much to give. It comes with many options that allow you to do a lot and tweak the various settings on your pictures. This will ultimately get you the picture that you want.

One of the options is the selective focus made of near, far and pan focus. When using selective focus, the processing of the picture does take a while after you have taken it. The slight delay is due to the fact that the camera takes different shots with the focus in various positions – the display at the back, depth of fields and others. After taking the shot and having it processed, you will notice that the focused point is clearer, and the rest of the parts have some slight blurriness.

What to Expect For The iPhone 6

There are lots of rumors going around about the various features coming to the iPhone 6. Apple may decide to stick to the 10 megapixel rear-facing camera or possibly switch to a 13 megapixel one. There may also be a new filter to provide better and clearer pictures. They might also include a f/1.8 aperture compared to the f/2.2 aperture in the iPhone 5. The dual LED flash is definitely going to be present because it has been very successful.

Optical image stabilization also seems very likely. In terms of video, a 1080p @120fps could be a possibility as well as a 720p possibly at a higher frame rate as well. There might also be 4K UHD because a lot of the competition is allowing a 4K recording. You will most definitely see a 2.1 megapixel front facing camera with 1080p @30fps. There are rumors that Sony will be developing the new model for the front facing camera to give you better selfies.

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