Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 Finally Released With Graphics Upgrades

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Minecraft got released for PS 4 on Thursday, while on Xbox One it was launched yesterday. Both of the editions have the same price, 19.99 dollars for new Minecraft players, and 4.99 dollars for the players who have Minecraft on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. You will get for free any DLC that you already own on the previous edition of the game, if it’s available on the next-generation console. Both of the editions come with better graphics, 36 larger worlds, improved draw distance and frame rates.

However, the Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition comes with a Remote Play support for PlayStation Vita, which allows the players to use it instead of using the TV. Let’s say that your parents have to watch TV when you want to play Minecraft on your PS4. You will connect your PlayStation Vita to your PlayStation 4 and you can play Minecraft from your PlayStation Vita instead of on your TV. However, this doesn’t solve the problem with Minecraft: PlayStation Vita, because 4J Studios is still working on it.

If you have two or more members in your family that usually play Minecraft then you will surely enjoy the new editions since both of them will support split screen mode as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 already do. But you are probably asking yourselves why would you do that, since the previous versions already have this feature? Well, the increased resolution and the power of the new consoles will make the game run smoother than ever!

This is great for any family who wants to spend some time with their kids and actually play with them in the living room. This way parents will understand the game better and maybe (why not?) they will build something with their kids.

Here is a video about PlayStation Vita being connected on the PlayStation 4 while playing Minecraft.

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