Top 5 Web Browsers 2014

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Internet browsers convert web languages to graphical view.

All internet browsers need to support all the latest .NET, AJAX, PHP, CSS, HTML languages in order for users to get the best browsing experience. However, you will realize that not all browsers support the latest web languages and that is why some of them are more popular than others.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys internet browsing, chances are that you have at least one internet browser you use. Web browsers or internet browsers allow you to surf the internet. There are currently many internet browsers available. Here is a list of the top five most popular internet browsers for the year 2014. The browsers have not been listed according to popularity.

Internet explorer (IE)

Internet Explorer is Microsoft’s default browser. Even so, it is not very popular as not many people like using it. The reason for this is its lack of additional functions other than internet browsing. What is more, IE is a rather sluggish browser.

Safari Browser

You have probably heard of this wonderful web browser known as Safari. It is Apple’s web browser and is the most used by people with iOS smart devices. It is, however, not that popular among those who use Windows PC’s. Safari gives users a pleasurable browsing experience. If you are an Apple fan, then Safari is a must try browser.

Opera Browser

Opera is a smooth and sleek web browser that provides a minimalist browsing experience. Opera also comes with a variety of features such as cookies, saving caches, keeping browsing history, saving account passwords and multi-tab abilities, among others. It also gives you the ability to delete the saved features. Opera is free to download. It is popular with smartphone users, as it helps save on data. It allows users to view a compressed version of a website.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is one of the most popular web browsers in 2014. Not so long ago, it held the number 1 spot in the list of most popular browsers. One of the many reasons Mozilla grew in popularity is its ability to offer all features, a web browser needs. It can read all web browser languages available and it also gives the users, the best interface.

Firefox also has a variety of productive and useful add-ons, which give users a boost. For example, the add-on known as Grease Monkey is quite useful.

Google Chrome

This web browser is, without a doubt, the most popular web browser in 2014. Its popularity can be attributed to its minimalist interface, amazing features and numerous add-ons. Chrome is a browser from Google and this is also a reason why it is that popular.

Chrome loads up pages fast, thereby giving a great user experience. It also supports modern algorithms and web languages. Chrome comes with a dedicated extensions store that has all the best and useful add-ons the help make it more productive.


Choosing a browser can be somewhat tricky; it is sometimes best to have more than one installed so you can switch browsers when need arises.

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