Clash of Clans – Tricks and Tricks For A Perfect Beginning

Today we’re going to bring you a complete guide for the Clash of Clans clan war: how to start or to join a clan and other important information you need to know about Clan Wars.

First of all, in order to join a clan or to create one you will have to rebuild your Clan Castle. If you like playing in a group, then you will enjoy the clan wars.

When a clan has 10 players, the leader or the co-leader of the clan will be able to start a clan war. You will get a random opponent and a two-day process of the Clan War will begin.

In case you are in Spectator Mode during the Clan War, it seems that you either left the clan while it was in war or you joined another clan after the war has begun. However, Supercell did say that sometimes the players might be placed in Spectator Mode in order to balance the wars.

Clan War

The Clan War takes about two days. In the first day, you will have to prepare for the battle: create the base for defense (keep in mind that is a separated base, not your village) and fill up your Clan Castle with defensive units. You will see all the bases of all the Clan War participants’ in a new map. The towns are aligned from the weakest to the most powerful one from the bottom to the top.

In the preparation day it’s important to train and donate defensive troops to all your clan mates. To do that, you will need to tap individual bases on the map and donate troops. Also you will not be able to request troops for the war base and you will need an active team that will manually do it.

Second day: The Battle

When the preparation day is over, the battle will begin. Each player will be able to attack twice during this time, but keep in mind that they cannot attack the same target twice. Try to attack a base from where you will get the most stars and make sure you can win the battle also.

Use the replay in case other players from your clan attacked a target in order to see its weakness, where the traps are etc. This way, you will know what strategy to make in order to destroy your opponent with ease.

The best strategy is to talk with your clan members and spread out attacks in order to destroy as many enemies as you can and get the most starts from it. In case you don’t do this and all of you will attack 2-3 players, you will get fewer stars than when attacking 10 players. The clan that wins the war will get a lot of loot, but in the same time, the one who lost the war will get some loot, but significantly lower.

The War Base

The War Base is your “copied” village. Keep in mind that in Clan Wars, your village will not be attacked and all your resources are safe from the players who will attack you in the Clan War. Don’t care much about the resources in Clan Wars, but instead try to defend how well you can the Tower Hall, not allowing your attacker to get many stars.

During the war, the Clan Castle plays a big role because it gives you additional protection, depending of its level (for example 10 spaces for level 1 and 5 additional space for every new level). A good combo that most of the players use consists of Archers and Wizards.

During the Clan War, if you want to upgrade your defensive buildings, such as Archer Tower, from level 4 to level 5 for example, the tower will still attack enemies (as a level 4 tower), and it will not be inactive as it would be in your “main” village.


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