Clash of Clans – How To Raid Guide and When To Attack

Clash of Clans is a MMO strategy video game developed by Supercell and it is available for Android and iOS. It seems that more and more new players join this game and since not many played this type of games, they need to be guided. Today we’re going to talk about raiding and how to do it the right way.

Raiding in Clash of Clans

Raiding is what you what you will mostly do in this game, so if you do not like to do this, then Clash of Clans is not the right game for you. You will aim to farm resources or Trophies while raiding. You can farm for both resources and trophies in the same time, but you we suggest you to go for one at a time. For example, if you want to win Trophies, you will aim to destroy the Town Hall fast and when you are farming for resources, you will go for the Gold and Elixir storages.

What you get from Raiding

Most of players will focus on getting Gold instead of Elixir, because they can instantly use the Gold to upgrade walls, which will be done instantly, without having to wait. You will also gain some elixir, but you will end up having too much elixir, because the buildings will take quite some time until they will be leveled, so you won’t have on what to waste your elixirs. However, the elixirs are used to train your troops, so do not ignore this aspect.

The Perfect Raid

The perfect raid is when you deploy a few troops and get a lot of resources. This will happen very rare, because most of the players will protect their villages very well. Also, keep in mind to always look at how much resources you can steal from the village you are attacking and see if it’s worth it. Let’s say that you will send troops which cost around 5000 elixirs in a town and you can get around 3500 elixirs. This isn’t worth it and you will have to tap the “next” button to find another target which has more resources.

Picking the right village when raiding

Keep in mind that when raiding you have only 30 seconds to “evaluate” the village you want to attack. If you don’t tap “next” until those 30 seconds are over – the length of time in which you’ll have to decide whether to attack or not, you will automatically join the raid. You will have to be fast and see if you can win the battle and if you consider that the village is too well protected, just skip it. You don’t want to lose Trophies for free, especially when you are farming for Trophies.

First, you will want to look at how much resources the village has and if it’s worth raiding it. After that, you will look for its defenses and see if you have any chance to win the battle.

When to attack

After you figured how much resources your target has, you will have to decide whether to attack or not. As we told you above, you will have to watch and see how well protected is the village you want to attack and if it’s worth attacking the village. In some cases, you will get more elixirs than you invested in your troops.

However, keep in mind that if after those 30 seconds you didn’t click “next”, you can “end battle” without losing any Trophies, but keep in mind that as soon as you deploy a troop into a village, you join the raid!

Army Compositions

1. 2 Giants, 4 Wall Breakers and the rest: 50% Archers, 25% Goblins and 25% Barbarians.

You will want to use Archers to destroy from the distance the exposed buildings. Learn what range the defensive buildings have in order to not get your Archers in a vulnerable spot. Goblins will be used to steal resources and use your Goblins + Barbarians to take the towers damage.

2. 4 Wall Breakers, ~12% Goblins, ~12% Barbarians, 25% Archers, 50% Giants.

This combo is a bit more expensive and slower than the first one, but it will be able to handle strong basses. Giants will be able to take all the damage while your other troops will destroy the village. Use your Wall breakers to destroy the walls near the defensive buildings in order to send Giants there.

3. 4 Wall Breakers, 1 Healer, 12% Goblins, 12% Barbarians 25% Archers, 40% Giants.

You will have a lot of attacking power while using this combo. Likewise the 2nd combo we told you about, you will use Giants to take the damage for all your other troops. You will send up your Healer close to the Giants, in order to heal them up. Using your Archers, you will destroy their defensive buildings first, and after that, just send out your Goblins to get the resources fast. You may send Barbarians too, if needed, but only if it’s really necessary.

4. 10 Wall Breakers and the rest – Goblins. 

This combo is used when you just want to attack someone without using any kind of strategy. Just destroy the walls and send all your Goblins to get resources fast. This will require you to send, in most cases, all your troops, so you will most likely make a short pause after each raid, in order to train your army once again.

Tips and Tricks while Raiding

Training while you are raiding

Before you look for a target to raid, queue more troops, even if your Army Camps are full. This is done because as soon as you deploy troops into the raid, you will have space in your Army Camps, and the Barracks will start training the queue troops.

Checking Clan Castle troops

When raiding a village that has its Clan Castle rebuilt, you will want first to deploy a single unit and see how much troops will come out from that Clan Castle. You don’t want to send all your troops and then see that you are being flanked by a lot of troops that came out from the Clan Castle.

Trophy range

Always keep an eye on the Trophy range you have. As soon as you feel you are getting enemies too tough, try to lower the number of your Trophies.

Penalty while raiding villages with lower Town Halls

You will get resource penalty when attacking villages that have lower Town Halls than yours. Here is the list of penalty you can get:

– Town Hall is 1 level lower than yours: You will get only 90% of available resources;
– Town Hall is 2 levels lower than yours: You will get only 50% of available resources;
– Town Hall is 3 levels (or more) lower than yours: You will get only 25% of available resources.

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