Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Equals Four Hollywood Blockbusters, Say Devs

Ghosts failed miserably at the box office or we should say the sales trends, because the brand ‘Call of Duty’, from Activision, is always associated with a cinematic experience.

The games allowed players to relive the World War and with Modern Warfare they touched new heights that defined how it could easily be a Hollywood blockbuster movie. At a time when Activision has to make sure their franchise thrives and moves forward, without losing its sheen, Sledgehammer games co-founder Michael Condrey said, “We believe that the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is equivalent to four Hollywood movies, because we have put so much resources and content into it”.

The game is the result of the three years of hard work that we put in and it took an army of professionals in the industry to put this together. The scale and the scope of the game is so huge that we wouldn’t say it is equivalent to a Hollywood movie, but rather four different films put together. Such is the level of achievement that we have attained in this three year period.” From the way he says, it looks like there is definitely something worthy to look forward to and the latest single player campaign trailer definitely looks promising.

Story Trailer Is Better Than Movies

When you watch the newest single player campaign trailer for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, you can’t help but think that this is a movie, rather than a game, which is fully playable. The visuals are great, they have real actors including Kevin Spacey from the House of Cards and a riveting storyline that is set in the near future, where a private military organization decides to control the government. The trailer revealed a lot about the storyline. In fact, it clearly laid out the entire plot, where the governments of different countries lose the war to the terrorists, which is when they seek help from a third party military named Atlas.

After years, Atlas, run by Kevin Spacey, decides to start a war themselves; but the problem here is that there is no country powerful enough to control the moves of this military, commanded by a single man. The video begins with quotes from Abraham Lincoln that adds great weight to the plot and ends with Kevin Spacey’s dialog on how he has the power to make decisions for everything that he runs.

Sledgehammer – A Noteworthy Team

Formed by developers who worked in the Dead Space title as part of Visceral Games, Sledgehammer is a company that comprises of over 225 direct employees. Many of them come from Valve, Crystal Dynamics and Naughty Dogs, which literally means it is made up of the best in the industry who have the capability to not only meet but exceed expectations. They were a huge part in the Modern Warfare series and prove their mettle but took a long break when Black Ops 2 did a great job but Ghosts didn’t deliver the promise. It is time we get the COD that all have been waiting for.

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