Clash of Clans – Best Tips and Tricks For a Gorgeous Startup

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You are looking for game strategy for Clash Of Clans? Here there are, you’ve found them. My strategies are a little unconventional, they definitely work well and they have one genuinely purpose: to rise faster and faster.

Firstly, you have to know that you are able to get into a long time run because you have to be devoted for a period of six months to a year until you are raised to the top. My game strategy will decrease that amount of time. Secondly, after you’ll accept that it’s not sure for you that you’ll win because this guide will help to speed up you progress in this game. Thirdly, this is not a guide for defense or attack plans, your own will make the game more joyful and exciting. There are actually others guides that tell you what to do in some specific moments, example: what troops to initiate for an attack, but I won’t tell you these. Moreover, you have to know that you can spend gems only for your first two builders and with The Goblin campaign dump unnecessary troops. Go get the first achievement fot the extra gems after your troops are more powerful.

My guide for you is not based on winning trophies. This is upon my experience and will be from the beginning of the Town Hall level to the end. This will not approach Clan Wars, which is a totally different thing.

I will say it again that this strategy is to raise your town (not Town Hall) faster possible. This guide will teach you how to extend your town before upgrading you Town Hall in a short amount of time.

Then, let’s start this!

Types of players

The four types of players are:

  • Resource farmers
  • Those who search for easy kills or quality wins
  • Throphy hunters
  • Those who want to be left alone collecting resources and the opposites those who let others do that for them
  • If you’re going in the battle, firstly you have to ask yourself why. Your primary goal would be to gather resources.

A lesson about Gold Mines and Elixer Extractors

I have level 8-9 GMs and EEs but this is my biggest regret because having a level too high is not an advantage. Actually they indite other players to attack you. Let’s get back to what we want, raising your town quickly. To get through TH5 you’ll spend almost three weeks by following my strategy. All that anyone needs are level 6 collectors but, you could get away with level 5. However, the fill up period is a bit short at ten hours.
You are losing by not upgrading to level 10 about 1200 per hour per collector and at 5 collectors, which is 6000 per hour – 144,000 a day. It is not as it seems!

By having low level collectors players will be less interested in attacking you since the ROI will not be so important. A Good Base should protect your resources and defend everything else. Unfortunately, your base could be completely destroyed every day, but we are here to try to decrease the number of losses. You’ll see how it works in attack strategies.

How to get bigger quickly

To get resources from others you need to get armies, large ones. You have to attack fast and often, looking for easily to get resources and a big amount of them. The first thing to upgrade are your Barracks and getting to the level of Giants as quickly as you can. Then put together an army of 3, 5Wall Breakers, 3, 5 Giants, about 15, 20 Goblins, and the rest Barbarians, Archers . The time between each battle is about 20 minutes, depending how good you are. Your power depends on how large is your army and your priority in game should be for upgrating the army. This will determine for you how much time you need for attacking. You should look to cover 15k elixir to fill your army.



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