Flappy Bird – It is Going to Be Live Again

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Flappy Bird was released in May last year, by GEARS Studios and was developed by the Vietnamese Nguyen Ha Dong.

It made its mark in the history as one of the most viral games and instant cloning of the game’s incomplete bird anatomy and such were released by others online. The Pixelated bird has to be flown through the stringed rows of pipes in the color green without committing any mistake of hitting or touching them. The developer worked on one of his cancelled older designs to develop the super bird and it received fame, fortune and earned the developer an apartment to rest in and a glamorous Mini cooper to drive.

Why Was it Kicked Out?

After the unwarranted success of his Flappy Bird, the developer was stuck in the conscience about its viral nature. He fretted over the issues like people gluing themselves to their gadgets to meaningless games while ignoring and failing to live a meaningful, worthy life. He agrees his life has been bettered after the viral nature of the game caught on and he is still surviving on the money earned by Flappy Bird, although he claims it did not earn him much anyway. His tension increased noticing the comments, reviews and feedback from addictive fans and he decided to kill his creation.

It was pulled off life in February this year over the Developer’s imposition and concerns and has since been the stage for umpteen controversies and discussions.

Back from the Grave – Why

To the irate of fans, media and in an extensive Rolling Stones Interview, Dong made it clear that he is considering the possibility of bringing the ingenious Flappy Bird back to life with lesser addiction parameters perhaps in the due course of a later time, but never too soon.

The main reason regarding the comeback of Flappy Bird is most widely guessed as Money. The moral exaggerated reasons that Dong provided to pull off its life may have been just a momentary mirage or depression attack. Other than that, Dong is working on three other games titled Kitty Jetpack, Cowboy Game and a Chess Game up for release already, which can also be a reason he wants to keep his ace game out of the market, in order to actually observe the success rate of his other games.

When Will Flappy Bird Live Again?

Flappy Bird is rumored to come back alive in August this year. The question that pops up is whether it will result in the same vigor and fervor that it guaranteed the first time or will it just be another sad day for Dong. Many of the reviews show Gamers waiting to pounce on any news about Flappy Bird, although some show extreme agitation and raise questions of dubious trust and faith regarding any game brought out by the developer.

Maybe Flappy Bird would’ve flown high above Angry birds, or maybe it will, with its next release, but all the same, let’s keep our fingers crossed for just seeing it back in action and motion yet again.

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