Minecraft 1.8 Release Of Bountiful Update Next Month With Powerful Graphics

After months of work on the Minecraft 1.8 Update, Mojang has finally come with the first pre-released build of “Bountiful Update”, which gives the fans an idea on what to expect from the most waited Minecraft 1.8 Update that will be released next month.

Minecraft’s team is not giving so much information about how the development process is going, compared to how they were fixing problems around this time in 2013. Some fans even accuse Mojang of slacking when it comes to Minecraft 1.8 Update, but that’s not true. A few days later after releasing the fourth Minecraft snapshot of the week, they got back with a pre-released build of Minecraft 1.8 update and they also might come with more builds in the next days.

According to the Minecraft team, Minecraft 1.8 Update will be released on September 2. With other words, in less than 2 weeks Mojang will release one of the most expected Minecraft Update, the 1.8 one.

Even if Mojang did not give us some patch notes for today’s preview of the Bountiful Update, Jens Bergensten, a Minecraft developer, gave us enough information about the changes in some posts on reddit and on the official Mojang blog. Even if the posts don’t have a full list of the patch notes but combined with the pre-release information about Bountiful Update, the fans can get a pretty good idea on what to expect from the Minecraft 1.8 update.

However, from how many snapshots were released until the first work began on the Minecraft 1.8 update, Mojang will have to post a change log that will be quite long, containing several pages.

Here are the confirmed changes from the Mojang blog:

– Smooth versions of Granite, Diorite, Andesite stone block were added
– Slime Block was added
– Iron Trapdoor was added
– Sea Lantern and Prismarine blocks were added
– Red Sandstone was added
– Banners were added
– Armor Stands were added
– Coarse Dirt was added (the grass will not grow on these)
– Guardian mobs that drop items were added
– Endermite mob was added
– Rabbits that drop items were added
– Cooked Mutton and Mutton were added
– Villagers will be able to harvest crops and plant new ones

– Mossy Stone Bricks and Mossy Cobblestone can now be crafted
– Chiseled stone bricks can now be crafted
– Fences and doors will now come in wood variants
– Spectator game mode was added
– A new achievement was added
– Worlds will now have a world barrier
– /blockdata command was added
– /clone command was added
– /execute command was added
– /fill command was added
– /particle command was added
– /testforblock command was added
– /title command was added
– /trigger command was added
– /worldborder command was added
– /stats command was added
– You can now lock containers in custom maps if you use the “Lock” data tag
– A new player model was added with smaller arms along with a new player skin called Alex
– The “difficulty” setting will be saved per world, and you can lock it if you want to
– The villager trading and anvil repairing are rebalanced
– Faster client-side performance
– The max render distance is now 32 chunks (512 blocks)
– You will not be able to destroy blocks in Adventure mode unless you have CanDestroy data tag on your items
– Scoreboard will come with a lot new features
– Improved Server List
– Herobrine has been removed.

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