Candy Crush Saga – Top 7 Tricks and Cheats has been spending a sumptuous sum of resources on Candy Crush.

The intuitive interface and the hassle free functioning of the game have made it a rage among people. A report said, “Candy crush earns 5000$ a month just by handling the queries”.

As the people are going crazy and gaga over this entertaining game, we bring to you a set of tips and cheat tricks which can help you ride smoothly through the game without getting stuck at any stage. The game is tricky and requires application of a fast mind, so be ready to do some brainstorming.

  1. Look for the Patterns

There is always some candy which changes into donuts with hole or into special candies. Look for the patterns which make these special candies appear on the screen and try to remember them every time. You can spin some good points for yourself only if you can remember the specific moves.

  1. Reshuffle your Candies without Losing Lives

There are times when we reach a new level and after looking at the set of candies we are like ‘Oh God! It is not possible to pass this level”. It is a regular phenomenon but the good news is you can reshuffle your candies without wasting your lives. All you need to do is to land up on the new level and see the arrangement of candies and if you think you can conquer it, then go ahead with it. If not, just click on the exit button and re-enter the level and you will find the candies to be arranged in a new manner. You can repeat this as many times you want and you can repeat this until you have an easily conquerable set of candies.

  1. Innumerable Lives on Facebook

This is a tricky one. You definitely need an infinite number of lives for passing a difficult level. It is no myth that some levels in candy crush saga take more than one life to pass. You can open multiple tabs on your web browser along with candy crush running and this allows you to have five lives on every tab and you can use them easily for crossing levels which require more than one life.

  1. Add Time to your Clock

Timed levels are tough to pass and the only way to pass them is having more time and you can earn more time only by bursting +5 candies. These +5 candies do not drop in randomly and there’s a trick behind. The trick is to burst cascades of 4 or a high number of combos. Every time a pattern with 4 or more candies is burst, a +5 candy drops in and you can burst that candy by forming a pattern to avail +5 seconds easily.

  1. Making Strategy to Burst Stripped Candies

These candies are like a boon and one should always use them with a strategy in mind and the best strategy is to burst them with a large number of simple candies. When you burst them with 4 or more candies, you not only end up bursting more candies but you also end up requesting a +5 candy.

  1. Assessing your Threats

Threat increases with every level and assessing threats can be a good strategy, always go behind the evil candies first and burst them. Then burst the chocolate candies and then only go behind the normal candies. This allows you to get rid of difficult ones at the initial stage so that you can burst the rest of candies with great ease.

  1. Change Time for Extra Lives

Everyone understands the value of an extra life in candy crush saga. Instead of coaxing your friend for accepting your request on Facebook, you can just change the time on your phone and earn an extra life. But make sure you set the new time to +2.5 hours from the current time. Now get back to the game and you’ll have a full set of 5 lives.



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