Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Core – Pricing and Specifications Compared

The options for a buyer looking for a dual SIM smartphone are much larger than what they were a few years ago.

This is because of the numerous launches made by Samsung in this segment. The Galaxy S Duos 2 and the Galaxy Core are two phones launched within just six months of each other, but they have enough variation in terms of features in order to be unique. The one element that is similar between the two devices is its design.


The design of the Galaxy S Duos 2 and the Galaxy Core is very similar because of the large display supported by three buttons just below it. Instead of these buttons being touch sensitive, as in the case of some Android phones, Samsung decides to give them outside the display. This ensures that the phone makes maximum utilization of the 4 inch display present in the case of the Galaxy S Duos 2. The Galaxy Core offers a slightly larger 4.3 inch display. However, the resolution in both displays is the same at 480 x 800 pixels.

A small disadvantage in the Galaxy S Duos 2 can be due to fact that it supports multi-touch for only up to the use of 2 fingers. Apart from that, the two devices are almost similar in terms of weight and physical dimensions, although the newer Galaxy Core is substantially thinner.


The two phones are backed by decent amount of memory available internally, although it is only because of the microSD memory card support that they can claim to be decent multimedia devices. The Galaxy S Duos 2 offers only 4 GB internal memory as most of it is taken by the android OS. This is also the case with the Galaxy Core, although it offers a slightly larger 8 GB internal memory. The new design also features 1 GB RAM compared to the 768 MB in the Galaxy S Duos 2.


The five megapixel camera makes the two devices quite brilliant at taking pictures. It may not be the features that influence a buyer in this segment, but the amount of detail that the camera can pack within the pictures. In this regard, both these phones are well covered. The Galaxy S Duos 2 is likely the better of the two in terms of features because it provides 720p video recording facility along with an LED flash. The Galaxy Core camera offers touch focus and 480p video recording..


Performance wise, they are both brilliant, at this price, due to a dual core 1.2 GHz processor. The processors may be similar in terms of rating, but they come from different manufacturers. The Galaxy Core uses a Snapdragon processor, like most high-end phones, while the Galaxy S Duos 2 uses a BCM chipset. The Galaxy Core, which is priced at $180, also has an advantage due to its 1800 mAh battery compared to the 1500 mAh battery on the Galaxy S Duos 2, which retails at $160.

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