Candy Crush Saga – Tips and Tricks to Help You Reach Higher Levels

There are very few things that can be as addictive, as playing Candy Crush is.

From the outlook of a newbie, you may think that this is just another boring maze game, but once you get into the game your perception changes. The game offers numerous levels to be completed by completing different candy missions.

While it may seem simple at first, it can become frustrating once you start spending too much time on some levels. To ensure this does not happen, below are some tricks, cheats and tips to make playing through the levels a breeze.

Finding Candy Patterns

Once you begin playing the game, you will find it easy to locate 3-candy combinations. While these easy moves add up to your scores, it is much better to find combos of more than three or four candies. When you make a 4 candy combo, you automatically create a wrapped or striped candy, while a five candy combo creates a color bomb. Wrapped and stripe candies as well as the color bombs act as power-ups, which can make it easier for you to make it to the next level.

Work From the Bottom Up

It is always a good idea to start matching your candies from the bottom end of the board. This creates a cascade effect which can help in creating special candies and color bombs. Also, starting from the bottom allows for more new candies to fall in the board, thus, creating more possibilities for moves that can really add up your score.

Clear Time Bombs and Chocolates As Fast As Possible 

Time bombs can greatly affect your ability to complete a level, within the number of moves on the level. It is, therefore, ideal to clear them as soon as they show up or before running out of the number of moves it allows, before exploding. On the other hand, chocolates can very easily take over the entire board, thus limiting your moves. Therefore, ensure you clear the chocolates, as soon as possible, to be able to have enough moves to complete a level.

Remove Licorice and Locked Candies

In the same way as chocolates and time bombs, locked candies and licorice can also limit your moves. It is important to get rid of them too, soon enough, to create room for moves. You can remove the locked jellies and licorice by using candy bombs.

Making Wise Use of Stripped Candies

You can create striped candies by combining four candies. Stripped candies can either be horizontal or vertical. You can determine the types of striped candies you have, based on the direction the stripes face.  With this information, it becomes easier for you to plan your moves and to know where to use your striped candy. The best way to use stripped candies is on the hard to reach boxes, more so in cases where the only way to reach a candy is by clearing the tiles.

Combining Special Candies

To create great crushing effects, you can combine your special candies. You can combine stripped candies with wrapped candies or with color bombs or any other special candy combos. These combos help in clearing huge sections of the board.


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