Microsoft Hiring To Add Multiplayer Elements to Halo 5

A recent job posting from Microsoft has confirmed the existence of Halo 5 but instead of directly notifying it the company says that they need a developer to work on integrating cloud based elements and add similar features to the Halo universe.

The announcement comes just two months before the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 which is a good sign because the publishers might be preparing to show off some Halo content during the event. The job posting reads that the Game Testing Organization working with 343 industries to create a companion experience for the Halo universe is looking forward to hiring a self-motivated individual who has solid experience in web technologies and services.

343 Is Hiring

The objective of the company is to allow players to explore the game universe from a deeper perspective which will also connect everyone in the community across mobile platforms, Xbox One and other products related to the franchise. It invites everyone who’s interested in being part of a franchise that has a huge fan base and are capable of creating automated testing services to apply for the position. While the job opening doesn’t have a direct impact on the player community as it reveals little about the upcoming game, it is refreshing to see that the company is working closely with 343 industries to bring out Halo 5 in a timely manner. Most speculate that the release date of the game has been postponed to early 2015 but going by the way the publishers are working to build the title, it could well be a fall 2014 release if things go as planned.

Expect More Speculations

Based on Phil Spencer’s interview, it is almost confirmed that Halo 2 anniversary edition will be the one that is set to debut during the E3 2014 conference. Earlier it was widely speculated that there will a teaser for Halo 5 or more information on the release date. But, after Phil spoke about an imaginary Halo 2 world with significant focus on multiplayer aspects, it is clear that Xbox One will get an anniversary edition of the game. The game was announced during E3 2013 and a teaser trailer was shown. The computer generator video showed Master Chief wandering alone in the desert.

A recent comic strip revealed by an unnamed source confirmed the plotline that Chief is on his own, trying to complete a secret mission which is why he’s roaming the desert without his usual arsenal. It is to be known whether this speculated story line is for real but at the moment, this is the closest information available that justifies the teaser shown during the show. More details on the game is expected to be revealed during the E3 2014 show and it is also being said that multiplayer beta keys for Halo 5 will be distributed along with the Halo 2 anniversary edition for Xbox One. There is still a solid two month period before the conference takes place and because of the game being extremely popular, there will be plenty of leaked information that will roll out in this period.

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