Google Chrome – Tips and Tricks for a Faster and Better Chrome Experience

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What the Dictionary is to English, Google is to the internet.

Google is the doorway to worldly experience, says a report. Google Chrome is an excellent browser with many useful tips that is not well-known to many folks. This cannot be termed hidden, it can only be termed ‘not explored’, because Google has so much to offer through the most effective and efficient browser – Google Chrome.

Let us look into certain useful tips to browsing with this wonderful browser and find out how to enhance the browsing experience.

Selective Deletion

When you want to delete certain links/URLs that you searched for, you always have the go-to option “Delete Browsing History” in all the browsers. But what’s so special about Chrome is that, you can selectively delete certain history and keep the other useful links to refer to anytime. All you have to do is check the boxes of links you want to delete or select all links by checking the first boxàholding Shiftàchecking the last URL’s check box. And then uncheck those links which you want to retain and you will be done.

Selective deletion is not a possibility with other browsers, while Google Chrome makes it as simple as you just read this!

Read Hidden Passwords Instantly

You might have preferred to mask a password while you created one for certain websites or forms. If you had let Google know about this through the “Remember the Password” pop up that appears as soon as you set a password, revealing a forgotten password will be as simple as that! Go and open the Developer Tools, select the password field on the page and change the input type from password to text. You may also find your saved passwords under ChromeàSettingsàPasswords.

Reopen a Closed Tab, Redo your Reference

Google Chrome is your forgetfulness’ assistant and the option to reopen a closed tab is proof enough. If you have closed down an important website by mistake, you can reopen that. Google Chrome is probably the only browser that gives you a second chance to correct your mistakes! Yes, you can do the Ctrl+Shift+T or right-click on the empty area in the title baràselect “Reopen Closed Tab” and the tab you closed recently will reopen, letting you browse for the most important information you were looking for!

Enter the Browsing World in the Secret Mode

Have you not imagined a private browser which will keep your head steer clear of the tension of deleting browsing history? All that you want to privately search will now be kept a secret with Google Chrome at your assistance. The Incognito Chrome window helps you privately browse. To enter into the incognito screen, you’ll have to go to SettingsàNew Incognito Window. Apart from the purpose of browsing privately, this option lets you login to the same site using two different logins.

Thus, Google Chrome offers you powerful tools and utilities to manage your browsing effectively. If you do not master these tips and tricks on Google Chrome, you will probably end up spending a lot of time trying to browse. Install your Google Chrome browser right away and enter the World Wide Web with the power browser – Google Chrome!

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